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@wonderful_places photo Neuschwanstein Castle -
Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by ✨✨@teddy_bear_photos✨✨ . #wonderful_places for a feature 💖
@youngadventuress photo There are so many amazing
There are so many amazing short walks in New Zealand - how to pick the best ones? I’ve got a new blog post up (link in my Stories) with 14 of my favorites that are guaranteed to blow you away ✌🏻 what’s your fave? Mine might be Lake Matheson on the West Coast, have you been? @docgovtnz
@pinitosdecocina photo Pequeños grandes momentos.
Pequeños grandes momentos. Pequeñas grandes historias. Pequeños grandes sabores. . . . . #huevos#patatasfritas#jamoniberico#huevosrotos#somgastronomia#brunchtime#brunchporn#brunchnyc#brunchlover#onthetableproject#artfood#
@elsas_wholesomelife photo CREAMY VEGAN MUSHROOM ALFREDO
CREAMY VEGAN MUSHROOM ALFREDO 🍝👅 made with zucchini ‘spaghetti’ to pack in 4 serves of veggies in one meal! 🤜🏽🤛🏽 find the recipe on my blog, or via link in bio #ElsasWholesomeLife #EatMorePlants Swipe for all da angles of this saucy delicious dish 🙃
@kyrenian photo 천제연폭포 Cheonjeyeon, Jeju,
천제연폭포 Cheonjeyeon, Jeju, Korea with @travelgram_korea #koreabyme 😀💚
@panaceas_pantry photo Good morning guys ✌🏽 what’s
Good morning guys ✌🏽 what’s on for your weekend? Smoothie bowls and sunshine this weekend, and hopefully some more swimming. . . The smoothies were vanilla bean, almond butter, cinnamon and choc hazelnut- I can add recipes if you want them? . . Just finished watching @choosingchia live story on food photography which was so much fun! Totally check it out. I’ve been wanted to one of these for ages, but haven’t gotten prepared yet. . . Finally- yesterday I discovered that Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream is at my local supermarket. And vegan Weis. And now Dominos have VEGAN PIZZA! Seriously, so awesome to see all these massive companies making changes. My question (and please, no judgement either way), does buying vegan food from large companies (such as dominos pizza- which I’m SO EXCITED to buy, even though I never like dominos before going vegan 😂 Gotta celebrate this milestone) enable that company to grow bigger and sell even more non vegan food? Or does it help to spread the vegan message. I’m feeling confused 😭 . Post EDIT- so great reading all of your positive comments! The thing I’ve thought about the most goes along with what @shaktifresh said- these companies introducing vegan options is making veganism more mainstream, and that’s the best thing ever. Having more accessible food for vegans (who have food preferences as wide as this world) enables a smoother transition for new vegans, and more choice for long term vegans 🎉🎉🎉
@curtiswatt photo What's your guys favourite
What's your guys favourite music to edit to? Mine is hands down Lo-if. It puts me in the perfect head space to edit hours on end 😂
@spoonforkbacon photo Starting the day with our
Starting the day with our simple Breakfast Scramble Stuffed Avocados! 🍳🥑😋 Recipe is on the blog, search 'stuffed avocados'
@cocu_liu photo before night falls
before night falls #shotoniphone
@glenechopark photo "What's in a name? That which
"What's in a name? That which we call a spoon by any other name would still scoop." Okay, poor attempt at #Shakespeare. But does anyone collect #souvenirspoons? This #museumcollection item is sterling silver souvenir spoon from the original Glen Echo Chautauqua and it's on display in the ranger station at #glenechopark. #Chautauqua #spoonsarecool
@goparks photo "Don’t just sit here and look
"Don’t just sit here and look cute!” (A.K.A. an unofficial motto for #DitchYourResolutionDay 2018)! 😊🐇 Don't feel bad about resolutions that may already be slipping. You can always swap them out for some #FindYourPark-inspired ones! There are still more than 11 months to complete some very attainable park-focused goals. See the details in our bio. #EncuentraTuParque [📷: Walter Bonora in @RockyNPS via @Share_the_Experience]
@texasparkswildlife photo Now accepting applications
Now accepting applications for @txstateparkambassadors in the Houston/coastal regions. Make a difference while gaining valuable leadership experience, including training at Brazos Bend State Park. Open to adults age 18-30. Click on link in our profile to apply. #txstateparks #optoutside #lifegoals #igtexas #ighouston
@missholldoll photo Because I don't have any
Because I don't have any pictures from the current season... here's yet another one from the summer. 😂😎 I'm thinking I might go get some soon though. It's time, and I miss being out there. . I've taken a much needed break, from the outdoors and photography. Some of that was due to having ankle surgery and some of that was because I just needed to settle myself. I also pulled wayyyy back on social media and have been trying to find a better balance. It can be a pretty consuming thing if I don't manage it. So much time spent thinking about what to shoot, what to post, what to write, how it will be received... that's a lot right there, especially when you add business to the mix. But then you factor in things like negative comments and DM's, how many people tell you what you should be doing or not doing. I don't really talk about it much, but it affects me... . But I digress. Especially since I can feel a touch of anxiety bubbling up even writing about the whole thing. Silly right? . . . #wildernessculture #ourplanetdaily #nakedplanet #earthofficial #bestvacations #roamtheplanet #aroundtheworldpix #adventureculture #beautifuldestinations #travelstoke #earthfocus #bestplacestogo #discoverearth #exploretocreate #welivetoexplore #stayandwander #campingofficial #backpacking #hikingadventures #pnwonderland #optoutside #mountaingirls #radgirlslife #beaurifulmatters