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@thelovehiphopfights photo Oop! 👀
Oop! 👀
@nationalwildlife photo Across the United States,
Across the United States, large aquatic ecosystems with particular value to fish and wildlife face significant ecological threats. The Everglades, Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes, Mississippi River Delta, Gulf of Mexico, and other major water resource areas — what we think of as the nation’s Great Waters — have become degraded over the years by pollution, flow alterations, wetland destruction, and other human activity. We have been advocating for improvements in our nation’s water quality since our first annual meeting in 1937. Over the past four decades, our work with water quality policies such as the #CleanWaterAct has led to much progress in cleaning up rivers and streams. We remain steadfast in improving water quality and aquatic ecosystems, from small streams to vast iconic areas. Our strategies include securing funds, advocating for policies, and developing on-the-ground projects to restore these waters for people and wildlife. #worldwaterday #wetland #wildlife #everglades #chesapeakebay #greatlakes #mississippiriverdelta #gulfofmexico
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