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@alinacmn photo walked and talked
walked and talked
@realitael photo The real castle on the hill
The real castle on the hill
@funwiththefrels photo in love with jason’s early
in love with jason’s early christmas gift to me and lilia 🎄 @beforenoonpaperie so far, our first christmas as a family of 3 has been filled with our favorite traditions. cutting down our tree in the forests of colorado. attending the st. martin’s chamber choir christmas concert. participating in the annual @laurenbet @jeffmccarty mccarty white elephant party. embarking on love actually and harry potter movie marathons. sending out pounds upon pounds of tea via usps. and baking a constantly disappearing supply of ginger cookies, fudge, and graham cracker toffee [newest batch currently showcased on our insta-stories!] to be fair, each endeavor has not been without its logistical challenges - especially when there is a baby crying and sleep is in short supply - but every hardship has been met with unwavering intention. in the coming week leading up to the big day, our hope is to simply slow down and finally enjoy the fruits of these traditions, without stress and without pause. we wish the same for you as well!! #ourfirstchristmas #christmastraditions
@blessedisshe__ photo Christ is at hand! He comes
Christ is at hand! He comes by virtue of the Holy Spirit to announce the Good News; he comes to cure and to set free to proclaim a time of grace and salvation, in order to begin, already on the night of Bethlehem, the work of the world's redemption.⠀ ⠀ Let us therefore rejoice and exult! The Lord is at hand; he is coming to save us.⠀ ⠀ // Pope Saint John Paul II⠀ ⠀ #projectblessed #BISsisterhood #GaudeteSunday ⠀ ⠀ photo by @tobrosary
@jennifer.bithell photo That beanie and those boots
That beanie and those boots 😍👌🏼 This is Mila’s first Christmas and we are so grateful that (despite the hard days) we have made many wonderful memories with her this season ✨
@takeupandread photo We’re so inspired by each and
We’re so inspired by each and every one of you, and pray that you remember that there’s no perfect way to do this journal, or to study Scripture, or to “do” Advent. • If you think you’re behind, you’re not. You are doing what you can do, and God sees that. Plus, if you have days to finish after Advent, perhaps your Christmas season will be made all that much richer and beautiful! • If you think you’re failing because you don’t fill out each and every box, you’re not. You’re spending time reflecting and soaking in God’s Word, and that is what matters! • If you think your life is just altogether too messy to even invite Jesus into, it’s not. He offers Himself in the Word to each and every one of us, no matter how broken, disorganized, or messy our lives are. • So keep on keeping on, friends! And remember these words from Heather @realcatholicmom: “If things are feeling a bit fuzzy or frazzled or funky or frantic for you during this ‘most wonderful time of the year’ ... please-don't be afraid to invite Jesus to come in anyway. He's the kind of Friend who walks in, hugs you for as long as you need, hears your choked sobs of sorrow and penitence, then grabs the nearest broom and gets to work.” Amen, Heather! • Thank you to the following women for sharing more beautiful photos: @blessedandbusy. @shaunaocchipinti, @li__23, @chloe.langr, @mylittlefeltfriends, @lemongrass.and.sage, @pomeline.elise, @liljune, @leavesofmytree, and @trinajean. • Keep tagging your pics with #takeupandread and #rootedinhope—we’ll share more next weekend!
@jannatenney photo Yup I'm ready for snowy
Yup I'm ready for snowy Northern California. The smell of pine, fresh crispy air and finally having an excuse to wear all the sweaters and fussy socks my heart desires without my husband looking at me funny. Woo!! Who else is going to be traveling? Where ya going!?
@rivernorthworkshop photo One week til the holidays are
One week til the holidays are officially in full swing! Need some tips to combat the crazy? Head over to the blog for some simple mindful reminders! Click the link in profile! #rnw #mindfull
@anastasiaholland photo I sat on the cove and thought
I sat on the cove and thought about the last new moon of the year: am I strong enough to let go of what I know I need to let go of in order to be who I'm meant to be in 2018? Yes. Am I terrified? Totally. __ As the moon goes black in the sign of Sagittarius we are called to think about freedom. In this case...what is keeping you from moving forward? Or who? __ Who would you be if so much space wasn't being taken up by something that no longer needs to? __ Sometimes freedom is buying a one way ticket to an island. But most times it's just the hard choice. But also the really really self serving one. Cleaning out the closet. __ You are valid in wanting better love. Better money. A home that is bigger. Whatever it is, if you want it, don't squash it. Those who do this long enough know that desire is a precious thing. If you fill your cup with so many half truths one day you'll wake up in a bed and not know who you are. Maybe that happened this year. It did for me. I had to reel myself in, take a deep breath and ask myself: what is not working here? Then I had to listen. __ That is the hard part. Listening. __ Tonight is about doing it all over again. Thinking seriously about what your life would be like if things didn't change. Then thinking about if that one thing did. Tonight is about having the courage to be free. Being brave enough to let go. To move on. To make space. Tonight is about getting really really clear about who you are.
@howtolovecooking photo This girl learned how to make
This girl learned how to make marshmallows, 💁‍♀️ and I’ve got few tips for you if you ever decide to give it a go: 1. They were easier to make than I expected. #nothermometerneeded 2. They were as messy to make as I expected. 3. Be sure to read the recipe for the correct amount of salt. 🤦‍♀️ 4. Be patient and wait for the marshmallows to completely set, otherwise you’ll be covered in marshmallow fluff. #ilearnedthehardway. 5. You have to sprinkle powdered sugar on every surface so that they don’t stick to everything they touch. (See: #2) But, in the end you’ll have marshmallows! I’m gonna keep playing around with the ingredients until I get a flavor I love. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my nice clean kitchen before I decide to give them another go. 😅Who’s tried making these before? Any tips?? #dessertlover #uniquesweets #holidaydesserts #homemademarshmallows
@lvr_naturals photo This little bit of rocks was
This little bit of rocks was maybe my favorite in all we saw in Joshua Tree. The layers and colors and the way the light was hitting it. Probably the most pictures on my roll of film were of this. I think I could stare at it all day. Check out the journal to see this and a whole lotta other rocks from our whirlwind trip last month.
@michelle__mcgrady photo Adventured our into the snow
Adventured our into the snow today with @goawaybecca! I had to celebrate my second successful time setting my hair! It’s definitely a learning process but I’m getting the hang of it! ❄️❄️❄️
@longlivesundays photo evening light with my
evening light with my ancestors at @palisociety #palihouse
@shin_joanna photo Tough loss today, but I'm
Tough loss today, but I'm proud of the next generation of @azcardinals #birdgang growing up 🙌 Go @larryfitzgerald !! #azcardinals #fitzgerald
@gigicait photo Pass the (smoked maple)
Pass the (smoked maple) popcorn 🍿
@simplypeanut photo Drew this little guy today.
Drew this little guy today. #geometricrose #greytones
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