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@amanda.roy photo A portrait I took last Spring
A portrait I took last Spring that has stuck with me through the highs and lows of the tumultuous past year. I don’t like getting political on social media because a lot of the time it’s unproductive and divisive. But my hope for the next 3-8 years and beyond is that we can learn to listen to each other and to see one another as fellow humans and not just stereotypes. We all have incredible stories and experiences to share with each other and so much to be gained through understanding and love.
@reflections_lv photo 20/365 Reflections ❤️
20/365 Reflections ❤️
@toxicity_life_ photo Your God isn't real...
Your God isn't real...
@kiviimartin photo Calvin Klein stunt
Calvin Klein stunt @nolanrmanning | 📸 me
@ard_hez photo Crimson sky . 🌌 #Favplaces
Crimson sky . 🌌 #Favplaces
@d10nt3 photo slowed it down for a minute
slowed it down for a minute
@sai.jung photo Planning on going somewhere
Planning on going somewhere this year, asides from Vancouver. Where should I visit?!??!
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