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@yasminems photo 11/03/2018 .  kelana islami
11/03/2018 . kelana islami oesman first solid food experience ❤️ . another beautiful pict by @hillsembiring . —————————————— . seperti banyak hal lain di dunia nak, membuatnya menjadi istimewa atau biasa saja adalah hak personal kita . dan hari ini; jelas hari istimewa buat mama . hari ini ada asupan lain dalam tubuhmu selain air susu mama . secara medis, ini milestone penting untuk pemenuhan asupan gizimu . secara filosofis, ini laksana pintu pembuka- akan beragamnya pilihan yang dapat kamu tentukan pada hidupmu nanti.. . secara fotografis; karena katanya a picture speaks thousand words jadi kamu bebas menginterpretasikan apa aja arti cerita dari kumpulan foto ini (suatu saat nanti, saat kamu sudah lebih besar dan mengerti) . mama yakin kamu dapat rasakan inti utamanya; . iya kan nak.. . terasa kan?.. . kamu, . (memang benar benar) . dicinta ❤️ . #berkelanabersamakelana . #firstsolidfood #cameramama #kidsforlife #magicofchildhood #pixel_kids #candidchildhood #letthekids #childhoodeveryday #lifewellcaptured #treasuringlittlememories #the_sugar_jar #celebrate_childhood #childrenseemagic #kidsofig #mymagicalmoments #iphonesia #camerapapa #mpasi
@mom.withthecamera photo A toddler reacts to
A toddler reacts to Paramore...
@icemannnaray photo These little feet used to
These little feet used to keep me up all hours of the night. Dreams of touching them and counting toes came second to the kicks in my ribs and what felt like my throat. These feet have come a long way. These toes are always moving, being shoved in her mouth, my mouth, being curled, then uncurled, and being used to grip and grab. Today these toes were used to put one foot in front of the other as she was standing, holding on to her play pen. I have a feeling its not long before she’s completely on the move. I wanted to raise her to be confident, curious, and determined, but I have a feeling she was born that way. These toes may look ordinary to everyone else, but they represent exceptionally more to me. I can’t wait to witness all the places these go, knowing exactly where they started. ✨ #6months
@bonniehphotos photo @lizzy8m ...can’t wait to see
@lizzy8m ...can’t wait to see what adorable outfits you come up with next 🙌🏻
@abeltent photo Did you know children can
Did you know children can design and build their own play tent with Abel? It all starts with joy, creativity and 1 or even 10 tent poles.⛺️🌴 pic: @picsbykimoverpelt
@mistyjeaninephotography photo TGIF!! What are everyone's
TGIF!! What are everyone's plans for the weekend? Mia has her first soccer game of the season. And, I'm hoping to hit the road to scout out locations for spring mini sessions! After all the rain that just dumped on SoCal, I'm hoping to find flowers creeping up, finally🙏🏼🌸🌷🌼
@rebeccamhook photo I won't be winning a prize
I won't be winning a prize for the most minimalist home anytime soon, but at least it's tidyish for once. Although this will change as soon as the boy pulls all his toys out. So for now I'm savouring a decrumbed and carless carpet.
@stay.inyour.magic photo Ice cream dates🍦🐿 spend more
Ice cream dates🍦🐿 spend more time with your little ones #familycomesfirst that's my mom getting her ice cream in the background 🙊
@mollie_hardy photo How i feel about it being
How i feel about it being Friday ✨
@hattiefoote photo These two know how to
These two know how to celebrate #womenshistorymonth 👯‍♀️. #girlpower
@christiallencurtis photo The woods are magical! ✨📷
The woods are magical! ✨📷
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