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@carmelisse photo I’ve been taking this time to
I’ve been taking this time to slow down and to step back from everything. As a creative, it’s easy to get discouraged and forget why you started in the first place. I’ve always had difficulty putting my thoughts into words — I would think it one way and it come out another. Photography was the one thing I could actually execute from a vision alone. It was my own way of expressing myself and it was why I started sharing my work in the first place. So here’s me attempting to get back on what I started. I ask you to do the same. Look at how far you’ve come and remember your purpose through your unique journey. ❤️
@iatskiv_photography photo ▶️ Highlights of mine 2017. 6
▶️ Highlights of mine 2017. 6 of 12 . 🇧🇪 May. Not Brussels, Gent or Brugges, but the most impressive cave I've ever visited. . A century-old tram will take you to the entrance of one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. With magnificent lighting the galleries are revealed as more and more impressive, more and more enchanting. From the gigantic Hall of the Dome to the Hall of the Draperies with its magic reflections, one experiences the most unforgettable trip in time. . The Cave of Han, which is exceptional in the beauty of its concretions and the immensity of its galleries, sculpted by the River Lesse which passes through it from one side to the other, has received almost 30 million visitors in over 250 years. It richly deserves its three stars in the Michelin Green Guide, and place number 1 in my personal list of ... well, caves that I've seen 😅 No really, awesome spot, great tour, unforgettable vibes. . Long story short, mark my words: if you ever get to explore and discover Belgium, this cave is something that is going to take your breath away. So yeah, put it on your list. . . . #stalagmitesandstalactites #letsgosomewhere #awesome_photographers #keepexploring #theweekoninstagram #diewocheaufinstagram #traveladdict #ilovetravel #globetrotter #wanderlust #landscape_captures #landscapelovers #dametraveler #mountaingirls #VisualsOfLife #exploretocreate #инстаграмнедели #outdoorwomen #europe_vacations #femmetravel #girlslovetravel #girlsborntotravel #earthpix #amazingview #global_hotshotz #nikonswitzerland #forbestravelguide #cntraveler #worldtravelpics
@zenithirfan photo - One week of only Turkish
- One week of only Turkish teas! ☕ #Zenithirfan #NishatLinen #Winter17 #LoveisFree
@midnightblueelephant photo I wrote the probably most
I wrote the probably most important post I have written this year: all the things that I am grateful for. With all the heartbreak and tough times it was hard for me not to write 2017 off completely. But luckily a friend reminded me how important gratitude is and so I set to work and wrote down all the things and experiences and trips I am grateful for this year. And yes, this includes valuable lessons like the fact that climbing a palm tree is not for everyone. Check out my stories for other things I am grateful and find the link to the post in my profile. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #midnightblueelephant • • • • • ##wearetravelgirls #glt #thetravelwomen #globelletravels #sidewalkerdaily #darlingescapes #girlslovetravel #girlsmeetglobe #travelgirls #sheisnotlost #girlsjustwanttotravel #girlsborntotravel #jetsettingchicks #thetravelwoman #dametraveler #alpinebabes #outdoorwomen #ladiesgoneglobal #folkgood #tinypeopleinbigplaces #gltlove #rajaampat #travelblogger #gratitude🙏
@nicoleisoyas photo I just want to feel and be
I just want to feel and be amidst familiar places
@official.livingthedream photo Yes, this is Athens! 🇬🇷
Yes, this is Athens! 🇬🇷
@peanacolada photo Hide your craziness behind a
Hide your craziness behind a beautiful smile. - Paulo Coelho -
@ammanlovesfashion photo Did you know that Vietnam has
Did you know that Vietnam has one of the biggest motorbike cultures in the world?🇻🇳 Motorbikes have been a valuable asset to the Vietnamese for decades, not only as a means of transportation but also as a way of making a living.🏍 Fast Fact: According to statics in early 2017, there are more than 45 million of motorbikes in Vietnam. @visitvietnam
@girlsmeetglobe photo @divanidosa giving us full
@divanidosa giving us full vacation mood with her @savemybag & our Costa Rica backdrop! #girlsmeetglobe
@x.reverie.x photo Even If It Hurts.
Even If It Hurts.
@finduslost photo • BIG NEWS! I’ve been hard at
• BIG NEWS! I’ve been hard at work on a new blog and I’m sooo excited to announce that it’s finally ready! I wrote a post about the changes and what you can expect from us as we head into 2018 (hint: it’s a lot) Check it out and let me know what you guys think 🙏🏼 ⚡︎ will be responding to comments alllll day → finduslost.com 🙋🏼‍♀️
@christy.nichole photo A couple of years back my
A couple of years back my whole outlook changed. Instead of chasing an ordinary life, chasing society’s approval, chasing the things people are told to chase, I switched, switched to chasing the things that truly made me happy, chasing experiences, adventures, challenges. And that single action gave me the life I’ve always dreamt of. Focus on the things that make you YOU, you’ll be much happier that way. 🤙🏻
@christinekeane photo Toured Cape Peninsula today
Toured Cape Peninsula today and the drive itself was amazing! Every stop we made looked like a postcard! Not pictured is the insane wind blowing everyone around. One guy lost his glasses, another lost his hat and I winded up with a super bad hair day 🤣
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