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@_matthewcletus photo North Carolina was beautiful.
North Carolina was beautiful. Time to countdown to California 🌉🌅👌
@toffee_design photo HANDS AT WORK // Day 23 of
HANDS AT WORK // Day 23 of #marchmeetthemaker —— This is an interesting prompt @joannehawker it got me wondering about what my hands look like when I’m working away. I decided to setup my camera over my desk and record a 4 hour time lapse of me tapping away at my keyboard, sketching, writing notes, experimenting with paints and glitter (by the way, glitter is so messy to work with), munching and basically making a mess! My face is still covered in glitter😂 I’m normally roaming around the whole house while I do all these things, but decided I’d restrict myself to my desk today. It was actually quite fun to make and fascinating to watch. Your hands normally go unnoticed otherwise. —— What have your hands been up to today? . . . #meetthemaker #makers #handsatwork #timelapse music by bensound.com #bensound #speedygonzales #fullspeedahead #glitter #experimenting
@amydesantis photo #nationalpuppyday | the
#nationalpuppyday | the cutest puppy in all the land ❤️🐾
@kattbroadway photo Yesterday at
Yesterday at #EllavStorywithJay 💕 It’s a totally different feeling when you host and perform at one of your closest friends’ wedding! It is overwhelming, and very fun at the same time. To the first bride in our barkada, @ellaaenchanted, and your husband, Jay, congratulations!! May God bless you a happy marriage full of love and respect 😍💕
@adventureandanxiety photo I’ve been spending a lot of
I’ve been spending a lot of time in amusement arcades recently. 2p machines are my weakness.
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