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@mypipers photo Hip, hip HOORAY!!! My Pipers
Hip, hip HOORAY!!! My Pipers was one of the lucky choosen to showcase our unique products at the 10th anniversary of UNIQUE LA! Save the date, buy tickets now, tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, everybody! We are so, so excited! Thank you @uniquemarkets . . . . #livingunique #uniqueLA #10yearsofUNIQUE #mypipers #freetobeme #newwaytoplay #unique #makeitfun #findaway #kidsrule #designedbykids #newwear #equality #kidsforkids #befree #singyoursong #mompreneur #modernkids #entrepreneur #createyourmagic #outsidethebox #invent #fashionforall #gamechanger #innovator #workhardplayhard #choices #girlboss #momboss
@justinblakefitness4life photo Every now and then I decide
Every now and then I decide to show you guys a different post . Today was a beautiful day making all my favorites . I used spelt a ancient grain uses super long ago and is amazing with our body genetics to absorb this low gi . Then it’s a super food showdown with red #cabbage , #carrots ,#broccoli #string beans #peas then the protein chicken with Indian spices . All bought from @woolworths_sa it’s amazing in every single way . REMEMBER I CUSTOMIZE DIETS . At affordable rates . #createyourmagic #belivewithin #itwillbecome #challengeyourself
@happiesthealthiestjess photo you'll be seeing this more
you'll be seeing this more often🙊 I've had this idea of creating MY brand on this platform (as well as my blog) to authentically share who I am + my passions. This logo, this account name is far deeper than anyone will truly know but I'm absolutely in love with how welll the visions are coming together✨ #happiesthealthiestjess graphic design done by: @emilygrievesdesign
@happiesthealthiestjess photo Happy MONDAY!!!☀️ Just
Happy MONDAY!!!☀️ Just finished breaking a sweat from my living room; peep Daniel's head in the background🙊 I hope you all had an amazing weekend🍀 I definitely celebrated with our bestie's getting married, had some treats - nothing crazy but my timing of food was WAYYYY off than normal.I got up this morning [tired af] knowing it's time to reel it back in and not continue the habit of indulging. THIS is where most struggle to break the cycle. "Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate." This is one of THE best, most important lessons I learned over the last 2 years👌 Every time I ate any sort of junk food or something 'not good for me' I would go to the gym or do sit ups in my bedroom or go for a run for hours until I felt like I never ate that 'thing' anymore. I tracked and knew the nutrition facts of everything I put in and became obsessed with every number. Which developed such an unhealthy relationship with food. You are supposed to enjoy your food & eat your favourite foods without remorse. In moderation. And exercise is NOT punishment for anything!! Its a blessing and an opportunity to grow and become stronger.💪 It is not something you HAVE to do, rather something you get to do. Don't take it for granted.❤️ day 57/80 #crushed.💪
@blerfff photo If you zoom in you can see
If you zoom in you can see the dog that beat me in a 5 minute staring contest 👀
@brit.or.brat photo Your days are as wonderful as
Your days are as wonderful as YOU make them! Today, mine is going to be great! #setintentions #createyourmagic #chooseyourenergy
@strayjewelrydesign photo Well it’s a day late, but
Well it’s a day late, but here’s some green! This lovely ring is flying off to its new home this week, and with all the green posts yesterday, it seems very fitting. I chose to skip the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities and instead celebrate the new moon with tarot, manifestation lists and some good old fashioned burning of things I’m ready to leave behind. It felt so good to take a step back from the stresses of life and spend time with friends, be still and put intention towards what I want to create in this month. Hope you all had a lovely day no matter what you were celebrating! • • • • • • • • • • • #greeneverywhere #newmoon #moonvibes #newmoonritual #tarot #stpatricksday #magick #moonmagic #crysoprase #genstonering #crysoprasering #crystalmagic #ritual #darkvibes #darkandmoody #darkandmagical #createyourmagic #portland #madewithlove
@blerfff photo @king__cuss ‘s dog came to
@king__cuss ‘s dog came to visit Oregon
@rubixignition photo Ever feel like you straight
Ever feel like you straight up belong in the middle of it all ? These humans and this space are magic! So was this here 3 high with @designkontrol. Building the trust of other people is an incredible feeling. I miss stacking humans on top of each other & my ever inspiring fam @movementsanctuary ❤️ . Thanks for pulling lines @theacrodude !!! . . . #stackitup #threehigh #lifteachotherup #circuslife #circuslove #acrobatics #trainingday #buildingtrust #createyourmagic #worktogether
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