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@johnstoffer photo Strong, beautiful,
Strong, beautiful, hard-working, and doesn’t get taken out on dates nearly enough. So, after working all day we went out to @thepigchicago for their take on Mediterranean food. Our Chase Sapphire Reserve card got us immediately to a perfect two top in the corner of the restaurant and a cold glass of champagne that we took outside to soak up some more fall weather. #SapphireOnLocation #ad #StofferDateNight
@johnstoffer photo We’ve been super busy these
We’ve been super busy these last couple weeks and dinner has looked like take-out Thai or cooking up frozen chicken. So, this bone marrow and beet salad hit all the spots. Got to skip the long line and go straight to our table thanks to our Chase Sapphire Reserve card and were handed a glass of champagne as we sat down. Check out to see how you can do the same. #SapphireOnLocation #ad #StofferDateNight
@riddle_51 photo Here are some clips off my
Here are some clips off my GoPro of riding at @sammyd258 ‘s place today.... Also Sorry I ruined your life @loganppool738
@dkelleghan photo Who wants some 🍄🍄🍄! The
Who wants some 🍄🍄🍄! The shareable plates made specially for @Chase Sapphire Reserve cardmembers were incredibly tasty thanks to the wonderful Chef Jimmy Bannos Jr.’s inventive menu. Talk about perks of having Sapphire Reserve – yum! #SapphireOnLocation #ad
@thepigchicago photo Our delicious pork spare ribs
Our delicious pork spare ribs - with amaro BBQ sauce and farro - flying out of our kitchen. Yum!
@kaylahandbags photo Some people stick around....
Some people stick around.... our friendship is never ending! #worktravels #immarketinggroup #chicago #ashasalonspa
@drown_ photo visualize the background as
visualize the background as the beach while the sun settin ann two dolphins ah jump out da watah for no particular reason. bless 🌸
@thepigchicago photo Thursday night lineup. Which
Thursday night lineup. Which dish would you pick? Photo: @haasandhaas

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@industrialqueenjenn photo No cross-cheese
No cross-cheese contamination. Experiment is ready. These are a few of my favorite things! #cheese #wine
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