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@red_irbis photo Happy Friday my friends! 😉❤️
Happy Friday my friends! 😉❤️ . Photo by @ericanders_photography Hat by @pj.collections
@wulanguritno photo ☀️😎 #metime #bali
☀️😎 #metime #bali
@candicestrybos photo To date I haven’t shared any
To date I haven’t shared any of my progress photos, I’ve been, well a bit shy 🙈 but you know what if I’m busting my ass {literally} 10 hours a week I think I should be proud of myself not shy. So here’s an update 💪 and wholly f’ing peaches 🍑 I’ve got a butt 😆 #bikiniathlete #intraining #peaches #10weeksin #girlsthatlift
@arsita_85 photo Cleaning beach
Cleaning beach #pedulilingkungan
@sigorcok photo Bagaimana bisa aku
Bagaimana bisa aku menghianati tanah airku ini ??? jika saja tanahnya subur dan airnya segar!!! Tanpa harus ku cari ke negeri sebrang, karena disini aku terlahir dan hidup di bumi pertiwi Indonesia. Aku bersyukur menjadi bagian darimu Indonesiaku. . #explorebali #exploreindonesia #visitindonesia
@silviamensink photo Sometimes you just need a
Sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place 🏝 #finnsbeachclub #bali #summerbreak
@baligeckos photo Our little champ
Our little champ @susantoandre67 has secured a player sponsorship, the first of its kind. Rowville Hawks FC in suburban Melbourne love the way Arn AKA arnbelievable goes about his footy, a Indo version of Cyril Rioli, so have come on board as his personal sponsor. @rowvillefc have also donated boots, footies, ankle tape etc to assist the @baligeckos grow @aflasia Thanks to Rowville FC who will be touring Bali in October to play in the AFL 9s tournament @finnsbali #geckosforevermore #chickslovebeingwithrealwinners #aflbali #aflindonesia

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@red_irbis photo Чем больше любви, мудрости,
Чем больше любви, мудрости, красоты, доброты вы откроете в самом себе, тем больше вы заметите их в окружающем мире. . The more love, wisdom, beauty, kindness you discover in yourself, the more you notice them in the world around you. . Model @katherina_model Photo by @ericanders_photography Sunglasses by @wildwoodau
@baligeckos photo Calling on all supports of
Calling on all supports of the great Bali Geckos! Pencil this one into the calendar it’s going to be a cracking day/night! Some very special guests on the panel. Prizes to be won and even our newest ladies man @rorykc is up for auction, offering many personal services, lawn trimming, scooter cleaning more 🙌🏽 #baligeckos
@jaranpantic photo Insert Ricky Martin lyrics 🔥📸
Insert Ricky Martin lyrics 🔥📸 @rhianneelise for @bodytemplebali @jucheyproductions
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