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@erynkinggg photo Sun don't shine in the shade
Sun don't shine in the shade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@massappeal photo new @kingpush coming May 25 📶
new @kingpush coming May 25 📶 who’s the best MC to rap about ❄️❄️❄️?
@ainsleyfesh photo We take family tennis
We take family tennis seriously 🎾 #rbf
@annikasumm3r photo When he pays for the Papa
When he pays for the Papa John’s $12.99 special and watches Queer Eye with you all night. Pc: @arielwalker16
@threeshipscoffee photo Feeling nostalgic this AM
Feeling nostalgic this AM #tbt #5yearslater
@imfinch photo Getting ready for August
Getting ready for August 25th! Tag what Youtuber you want to see catch these hands 💪
@mcdaly8 photo Heart eyes for my besties
Heart eyes for my besties #addtocart
@werrellwoodworks photo Thinking about the creative
Thinking about the creative process of our business is a little more complicated than most people would think. Ideas don’t just come to us at any second. I (Cori) literally don’t have one creative bone in my body. I basically failed art class in school because I had a hard time comprehending how to do really anything. _ As Sam began this business, I told him I would help him paint and stain things but that was about it. No tools, no coming up with designs, nothing on that side of things. For the first few months that’s all I really did. As time passed, I started helping him out with more challenging things, and eventually he showed me how to use all of the major power tools. I started to to see a vision of where this could go. This was bigger than I thought. We had no intention of doing much with this but fully trusted in the lord to lead us. _ We literally felt like two blind people walking in a completely unknown area. We saw quickly that nothing that we created was from our own doing but Gods doing. So we just started to pray for ideas on new designs, creativity and clients to come our way fully dependent that he would show up and provide. And he did. _ We have started to see that when we simply ask, he ALWAYS provides. It isn’t as complicated as we make it to be. He isn’t this distant god off in the clouds, he is attentive to every single thing you need and ask for.

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@theabsteam photo 🙌 #ExtremeExercise  Follow
🙌 #ExtremeExercise Follow for fitness tips & motivation ➡ @extremeexercise . . . . . Credit by @aaronhernandez32 I don’t back down, I only know how to step up. Be ready to know your limits before you challenge me, because I have none!
@emilioescooobar photo Family forever! ♥️
Family forever! ♥️
@paw.patrol.hentai photo Sundance™️ here I come!
Sundance™️ here I come!
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