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@uopendo18 photo Cases from last week made me
Cases from last week made me think, the importance of restoring endodontically treated teeth. My referrals request whether to place a build up/post and core or not. Are you placing those build ups or post/core under rubber dam? Bc this is essential for root canal treatment success. I would like to hear your protocol on how your restore those teeth? Isolation? And any rationale! #30 SIP/SAP 1 visit Rockcore build up #19 PN/SAP 2 visits, Sponge/Fuji IX #19 PN/SAP 2 visits, Sponge, Fuji IX #12 PI/AAA 2 visits, Fiber post/Rockcore Post space preparation/cementation should be under RDI. Post space with heated plugger. Minimum of 3 mm GP. Post space should be irrigated and dressed as during RCT. Restorations should be placed as soon as possible after endo. Endodontic Re tx should be considered for teeth with a coronal seal compromised for longer than 3 months (Heling 2002). ABS
@kristenmitten photo wow it's been a year. almost
wow it's been a year. almost exactly this time last year, i called my dad and had a huge breakdown. i was feeling like a failure, scared about the future. i hadn't started my app essay or collected letters of recs, and i had given up taking the DAT the summer before. i didn't think my GPA was dental school material. some other personal stuff was going on and i was just trying to hold it together. "you can do it," dad said, "take it step by step, and don't worry about things that are out of your control." i grumbled, "i'll try..." so i trudged through the cycle like a turtle, applying late in august, getting my app postponed 2 months b/c i stupidly forgot 2 transcripts, and attending 8 interviews thru march delirious and sick. i never would've thought a school would say yes, much less 5 schools! i think back to last year when i was mopey and angry inside all the time. i didn't want to apply because i didn't want to fail, but now i am glad my parents gave me that push, or i would've never had that chance to fail/succeed in the first place. thanks for being my cheerleaders, for believing in me when i didn't believe in myself, and for giving me more love than i deserve @timbuk2tu and @pzung ❀ oh, also, i choose UOP! it was a tough decision but i think this is where my heart is. 3 more years with @deborahjanfaza and @ruch_puch πŸ’•
@yasmin.els photo Hi my name is Yasmin, and I
Hi my name is Yasmin, and I love teeth.
@theyoungpharaoh photo I am incredibly honored to
I am incredibly honored to announce that I have been accepted to the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. I’d like to thank my family, friends, mentors, coaches, and professors who have supported me throughout this entire process.
@renzyboyyy photo "Yeah, I think I can pencil
"Yeah, I think I can pencil you in. Here's my card." ✍🏻 But forreal if you're in the SF area and need some work or wanna see me, hit me up! Could always use more patients πŸ€— #dentalschool #businesscards #dentistry #clinic
@dentally_blonde photo Had a great time teaching
Had a great time teaching pre-dental students how to prep and use amalgam πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βš•οΈ. It’s crazy, seems like just yesterday we were struggling and overwhelmed and now we are only a quarter away from seeing patients in clinic! @dugonipdb. pc: @alanw838
@doubletroubletwins_xo photo Bracing ourselves for 2 years
Bracing ourselves for 2 years of Ortho Residency πŸ€“πŸ˜ #braceface #24goingon13 #twinteeth
@killako19 photo Another one... RDHAP
Another one... RDHAP certificate complete. Just another one to check off the list and push closer and closer to the top. I did this maily for my grandma.. She is bed ridden and has such a hard time getting out of the house. Soon after I get this new license I will be able to clean her teeth in the comfort of her own home. I did it ALL for her but she has also inspired me to help others who have debilitating medical conditions as well. I can not thank my family enough for always supporting my dreams to achieved more and more. #rdhap #uop #uopacific #iloveyougrandma

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@uopendo18 photo Trauma/Immature apex/Internal
Trauma/Immature apex/Internal bleaching: #9 presented with PN/AAP. Patient’s chief complaint was discoloration of #9. Two visit with CH interappointment. MTA plug to seal the apex followed by 3mm GI barrier below the CEJ, theN Sodium Perborate mixed with saline was placed in the chamber and temporaries with Cavit. Bleach was changed every week for three weeks until the desired shade was achieved, the access was sealed with composite. Swipe πŸ‘‰πŸ» for photos. Lit review: in a study comparing internal bleaching efficacy between mixing sodium perborate with water and different concentrations of H2O2. They found no difference in outcome (Rotstein 1991) so they advocated mixing sodium perborate with water and avoid H2O2 due to rising reports of association of H2O2 with external invasive cervical resorption (Harrington 1979). ABS
@sfdentalnerd photo Eenie meenie miney mo... 😬
Eenie meenie miney mo... 😬 Good luck to everyone studying this week! 🀞🏽 Do you feel like Lucille? Or are you feeling like Glenn? β€’β€’β€’ #FinalsWeek #DentalSchool #Finals #DentalStudent #MedStudent #Dentistry #DentalHumor #DentalMeme #DentSchool #PreDent #PreDental #UOP #PacificDugoni #Studying #Lucille #WalkingDead #Glenn #Negan #iAmNegan #DontBeScared #EverydayScaries
@uopendo18 photo Not all Endo is pretty! I
Not all Endo is pretty! I wanted to share the good cases and the bad ones, as long as we learn from them. This is a case where a rotated #23 was instrumented and I wanted to remove the lingual dentin with an ultrasonic tip to make sure there isn’t a second canal, didn’t realize that the power setting was high! The instrument snapped as soon as I touched it. Ended up down the canal πŸ˜•. Tried to get that out unsuccessfully. It was by passed obviously and then obturated with BC sealer WVC. Will monitor for healing. Those thin long ultrasonic tips have to be used with lower power setting because they break easily. ABS
@uopdh2019 photo First fundraiser βœ”οΈ
First fundraiser βœ”οΈ
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