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@friezeartfair photo Midweek stance . . Catch
Midweek stance . . Catch Thomas Ruff’s exhibition at @whitechapelgallery before it closes this weekend. Credit: L’Empereur 06 (The Emperor 06), 1982, © Thomas Ruff Courtesy @davidzwirner London/New York.
@geoffmw photo Children from Lansbury
Children from Lansbury Lawrence Primary School were supported by architects to design and construct this at Whitechapel Gallery
@francesmarymorris photo Evidence of a long summer’s
Evidence of a long summer’s mudlarking on #tatemodern riverside, part of Tate Thames Dig by @markdionstudio revisited at #whitechapel
@hikariyoko photo Last night we honoured
Last night we honoured #MonaHatoum - in the 80s she became known for her tough performance pieces such as Roadworks (1985), when she walked through Brixton in bare feet through the ebb and flow of the crowd, through broken glass and shit and cigarette butts for almost an hour, dragging a pair of Dr Martens boots behind her tied to her ankles, the same boots worn by both cops and skinheads. She used her own body as a medium, also out of necessity. Broke and without a studio she said, “I felt like I had nothing to lose. I was venting my anger, without caring what people thought. I was very restless. I couldn’t sit with something for too long, so performance gave me the possibility of work that was immediate, unpremeditated. It was improvised. I didn’t rehearse; I would just turn up with my props.” quote via @guardian #articon @whitechapelgallery @swarovski

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@nimrazaheerishere photo Anti capitalism yo
Anti capitalism yo
@rainbow_toucan photo En matière d'Art, on ne sait
En matière d'Art, on ne sait plus quoi infienter...
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