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@mdavalos29 photo Honestly last night was so
Honestly last night was so insane and I'm so thankful and blessed I was able to walk away from that nasty crash .... my thoughts are, if u get beat to the first turn and everybody is breaking to make the turn, that means u gotta f#%?!*£ break man it’s that just makes racing so much more dangerous when s#%* like that happens specially when you get hit from behind and your not expecting it. I'm so bummed I felt great all day and I was riding to my full potential. I wanted to really race the guys hard and give it my best for such a hard working team I'm on!!!Thank you to everybody that supports me I'll get further evaluation this week on how my body is doing but I'm expecting to race again!!! and let me tell you bods this ain't over till it's over!!! @mxmatt 📸
@suzyshattuck photo Your mind is a garden, your
Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds. @freepeople #fpme
@jill_perkins photo Jammy 🌸 • p: @andrew_miller
Jammy 🌸 • p: @andrew_miller
@elarroyo_atx photo Aaaaaaand that's how it
Aaaaaaand that's how it happened. #ElArroyoATX #ElArroyoSign
@atlutd photo 🍑 from head to toe
🍑 from head to toe @_andrewcarleton_
@mattsteffanina photo confession... @eminem is my
confession... @eminem is my dad, tag him
@br_kicks photo Boston Pride — @KyrieIrving
Boston Pride — @KyrieIrving with a little something different 👀
@andrew.studer photo 🐾

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@lisa_burrell photo Breakfast of champions. (I
Breakfast of champions. (I can't blame the Girl Scouts... I knew what I was doing.) 😩
@avondalecommhouse photo Brunch game strong this
Brunch game strong this morning ❤️ #becommon #brunch
@dear_krysta photo That's a fake plant because
That's a fake plant because I'm terrible at keeping things alive. | @rusticomade #americanmade #fakeplants #weekendvibes
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