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@vera8grib photo 🌌Доминикана очень
🌌Доминикана очень цивилизованный курорт👌🏻, поэтому однозначно рекомендую добавить в чемодан вечерние наряды 💃🏼💃🏼 🌌Это вам не Тайланд, где кроме майки шорт больше ничего не нужно 😊😊 🌌К тому же вечером, по крайней мере зимой, в Доминикане не так уж и жарко 😊 А если перегрелись на солнышке, то и озноба не избежать 😢 🌌В общем, это я к чему? Захватите платье в пол - и красиво, и коленки вам будет греть 😍 ❓Признавайтесь, много вещей берете с собой на отдых? 🙈 . #верочканаотдыхе #доминикана #пунтакана #вечереетвтлг
@ilanatraeger photo Loved my Nachtrieb family
Loved my Nachtrieb family vacation, despite the traumatic plane ride home.
@calyssamensik photo Tonight’s dinner outfit!
Tonight’s dinner outfit! Dress is @showmeyourmumu from @nordstrom 👗 #ootn #vacationfashion #instafashion 👠🏝
@andrelmdourado photo Punta Cana, um paraíso no
Punta Cana, um paraíso no Caribe...
@iberostar photo The love is mutual! 😍 Thanks
The love is mutual! 😍 Thanks for sharing @katerinastavreva your beautiful #vacation #moment! ======> @katerinastavreva:It's hard not to love this place when you get to have breakfast with this view 😍 @iberostar #grandbavaro 📷 by @kastilwell
@sjohnson831 photo 7 days of relaxation at the
7 days of relaxation at the perfect time! Wish we could have stayed #backtothecold
@meccamooretartt photo Deposits vs Withdrawals|
Deposits vs Withdrawals| Reflecting on the amazing time we had on vacation with my bestie & her hubby while bringing in the New Year. A couple lessons and reasons why Vacations are great “deposits” for your marriage!! 1. Don’t wait until the end of the year to take your first extended vaca by then you may have too many withdrawals from your “love account” aka marriage (what are you really working towards if you end up losing your marriage in the process to attain success/goals?) 2. During our vaca we had over 18 dates. I returned feeling full because significant deposits were made into our “love account”. 3. Vacations allow you to create new memories & experiences together. It was my first time playing golf w/my lover. (It was impromptu hence why I have on his clothes in this picture lol). 4. Change Your Surroundings= Change Your Mind...some people say we can have a vaca at home. I say NO even if you have kids and the kids are gone why? Because being in a different environment changes your mood and puts you in a different mental place. How can a couple argue or worry about work when they are staring at the beach, mountains, or a lake (this allows you to tune out so you can TUNE IN to one another)5. If you vaca with other couples ensure that they are in a positive place. It was great having our girl time while they had their guy time. It was also great sharing stories & creating new memories together. This goes back to my initial point of surrounding yourself w/ positive couples that are invested in the success of your marriage. 6. Vaca’s don’t have to be a luxury experience & it does not mean that you need to go all the way around the world...but they need to be a thoughtful intimate experience that takes you both away from it all. This is also why I support my husband a christian clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience in his dream to impact marriages around the world. Its needed🙏🏽. Vacations are apart of that investment. We all know that there are constant attacks on marriages, you can watch it play out on TV and Social media. This is why its important now more than ever that your make significant deposits vs withdrawals in your #marriage. #love
@tatianarbeautyny photo @iberostar January 1st
@iberostar January 1st 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ thank you @lareveche
@pootietangg_ photo Tan lines 🦎
Tan lines 🦎

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@calyssamensik photo Today’s beach coverup is WAY
Today’s beach coverup is WAY cuter in the back!! Seriously loving this blue ocean water!!! I could live here! #instafashion #ootd #beachwearfashion #whycantnebraskalooklikethis ☀️🏝🍹👙
@andreeva63_ photo Всё дело в отношении, а не
Всё дело в отношении, а не возможностях 🤗
@fotoelamor photo 💕💍 Пакет Amor VIP👑 от Foto el
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@jacobdjwilson photo hola amigos desde la soleada
hola amigos desde la soleada punta cana
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