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@hyperallergic photo #RobertColescott, “Portrait
#RobertColescott, “Portrait of the Artist at 85” (1978), acrylic on canvas (📷 Abe Ahn/Hyperallergic) @blumandpoe #painting #contemporaryart #art #modellife #artistinthestudio
@100alexanderson photo 💛😊💛
@kopeikingallery photo Here sit what we can only
Here sit what we can only hope is the future of not only the art world, but the world world, as three amazing women (from right) Jamillah James, Pilar Tompkins Rivas and Sarah Gavlak spoke on Marc Richards panel “Power, Politics and the Art World” last night in Culver City. The subject was a bit ambitious for a couple of hours on a school night, but everyone who spoke gave it their best and there was the usual audience of attractive LA art world VIPs, among them Marc Pally and Cecilia Dan. #blumandpoe #blumandpoegallery #jamillahjames #pilartompkinsrivas #sarahgavlak
@asa.hursh photo Robert Colescott’s “Texas
Robert Colescott’s “Texas Chili” (1976) at Blum & Poe #robertcolescott #blumandpoe #texaschili @blumandpoe
@mariabrito_ny photo The brilliant
The brilliant #robertcolescott’s first comprehensive solo show in California is so good, these pictures don’t do justice! Paintings and drawings from 1971 to 2006 @blumandpoe 🔥❤️💥🌟
@erinzulie photo crawling out of this
crawling out of this #robertcolescott show
@jr photo If you are in L.A tomorrow
If you are in L.A tomorrow join me @blumandpoe for a talk with @trucatriche at 8 pm - 2727 S La Cienega Boulevard LOS ANGELES #Free #OpentoPublic
@frieze_magazine photo Two shows opening tonight
Two shows opening tonight @blumandpoe #losangeles - Solange Pessoa and Friedrich Kunath #galleryopenings

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@benjamincritton photo BRUTE™
@beckykoblick photo Robert Colescott,
Robert Colescott, “Moonlighting in Porno: Sex on the Slope”, 1976 #robertcolescott
@rynuckolls photo #femthefuture 🔥🔥🔥 thanks to
#femthefuture 🔥🔥🔥 thanks to @missgavlak @pilartompkinsrivas @jamillahjames for a thoughtful talk on power and politics in art
0 photo Robert Colescott "At the
Robert Colescott "At the Bathers' Pool: Ancient Goddesses and the Contest for Classic Purity" at @blumandpoe On view through April 28th #robertcolescott
@hessepress photo Excited for
Excited for @acidfreelosangeles — we will have all of our new books available🌻 image from Beyond Majority Rule by Luke Fischbeck
@plina.sam photo #RobertColescott interesting
#RobertColescott interesting time to look at these works from the 70s/80s
@missgavlak photo Very honored to participate
Very honored to participate on this panel with two these two smart, successful women! ”Power,Politics & The Art World” next Tuesday, April 24. The event is free but PLEASE RSVP to @jamillahjames @pilartompkinsrivas @missgavlak @blumandpoe
@gavlakgallery photo There’s a lot to talk about
There’s a lot to talk about these days - so come and join the conversation...”Power,Politics & The Art World” next Tuesday, April 24. The event is free but PLEASE RSVP to @jamillahjames @pilartompkinsrivas @missgavlak @blumandpoe
@blumandpoe photo A panel on "POWER, POLITICS &
A panel on "POWER, POLITICS & THE ART WORLD" with Sarah Gavlak, GAVLAK Gallery; Jamillah James, Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Pilar Tompkins Rivas, Vincent Price Art Museum; moderated by Marc Richards — Next Tuesday, April 24, 7:20 PM • Free and open to the public RSVP to @theicala @vpam_arts
@waitingroom_gallery photo Robert Colescott
Robert Colescott
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