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@mick.rose_ photo The struggle is real and
The struggle is real and necessary! I’m always learning, and I’m forever grateful that I’ve been given a life full of opportunity! I have put together a team that’s very supportive and hardworking as well as the love and support from an amazing family ❤️Together anything is possible. Without pain, there will be no growth, embrace it #hustle #teamwork #lessons #nextchapter #growth #thankful #letswork @leadershipquotes
@buenavistafarm photo An enormous fig tree, planted
An enormous fig tree, planted by my great grandfather, in the front paddock of the farm, and two small people in it’s roots and branches. We turned off all screens this week, just for a few days, to reset, and remember all those other things you can do. It took my three about half an hour to shake off the screen drag and get among it, but there’s a big list of ideas of things to do on the fridge to help them and if they stand still for long enough there’ll be a job. . I think sometimes I justify kids screen time by comforting myself that it’s educational or helping them engage in emerging technologies or keeping them quiet while I work, or minimising the mess they make otherwise. . Because there is definitely more mess to be made in whatever the experimental baking exercise Tilly was up to today, and in the creative arts precinct Ivy set up in the middle of the living room and the novels Henry left strewn all over the house. . Long live mess. May it open our kids’ minds and colour their worlds. And may we have the patience to forbear it.
@theconnelltwin photo Tag your best friend 💕 Tag
Tag your best friend 💕 Tag sahabat kalian 💕 #musically duet with @leaelui (try something new😊)
@nightingalequilts photo Somebody had a big day. I
Somebody had a big day. I picked this little lady up from the Australian Institute of Sport. She was seen a few days ago on the scaffolding around one of the buildings but found inside on the ground today. She’s had it rough, she’s dehydrated, emaciated and all around pooped. She fell asleep while I was giving her some water at the site so I wrapped her up and brought her home. She will spend the next few days being fattened up and rehydrated before being released once she is in a better condition. She’s been named Honey Sparkle by @kraftypanda and she has been so calm and docile. I love how calm bats are when they’re not in pain or afraid. They’re much more reasonable than me 😂 #licensedandvaccinatedbatcarer #caraandhercreatures
16 photo Used to be a Husky girl
Used to be a Husky girl Stars over city lights Bonfires over candlelights
@ustadzabdulsomad photo Laksana sebatang pohon;
Laksana sebatang pohon; akarnya menghujam ke tanah. Batang, dahan dan daunnya mencakar ke langit. Begitulah gambaran iman seorang muslim. Canberra, Australia 9 Syaban 1439 25 April 2018
@d_a_n_b_o_y_d photo Deeply honoured to design the
Deeply honoured to design the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Memorial at the Australian War Memorial with @editionoffice to recognise and commemorate the military service and experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders who have fought to protect their country. @awmemorial

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@peakfitnesshuskisson photo “A beautiful day starts with
“A beautiful day starts with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, I assure you it will start to feel like one. Time spent appreciating is time worth living..”. . #itsabeautifulday #gratitude #love #appreciation #health #nutrition #exercise
@gracecostaphotographer photo This is DANNY 2/10 limited
This is DANNY 2/10 limited edition photographic print from the HORSE series 2016 $650 you will find this cool little fella in the art shop on my website. Link in bio . He reminds me of the red head kid at primary school 🤪. #fineartprint #horses #appaloosa #imredhead #imdifferenr #spotted #theorangerie #orange #standingstill #scandinaviandesign #scandiart #spottyface #wallart #artwork
@meadowlifecbr photo 💥 C O M I N G  S O O N 💥
💥 C O M I N G S O O N 💥 Chef, Adi, has been working hard to create the new menu, which is due to hit your mouth in June! Wooo - can't wait for everyone to try it!
@thiscanberranlife photo Lake side mornings are the
Lake side mornings are the best way to start the day in Canberra 😍 Happy Friday Canberrans! 📷 by @dkolsky
@tgibbo_901 photo Lil clip from the other day
Lil clip from the other day
@studioblackinteriors photo Deliveries from my postman
Deliveries from my postman are my favourite part of the day. It’s like Xmas when he brings me such packages of delight. Like these exquisite marble samples from @marblebasinhub who make natural stone basins to bring luxe to your bathroom.
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