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@emilydougherty photo Business not-so-casual:
Business not-so-casual: @armanibeauty Milano plus @katvondbeauty Rocker
@anisa.sabet photo I’ve been up since 4 and felt
I’ve been up since 4 and felt such an overwhelming sense of depression over my health & having literally achieved nothing but a truly ridiculous, allbeit impressive, amount of Netflix watching. I’ve been meaning to pick up the camera for weeks, because practicing does bring me joy, but found it hard to take the first step. So this morning, I decided to just “make myself” a hot chocolate & style it all pretty (à la @joanna_k_k who’s hot chocolate styling is next level amazing) so it was nice to drink (usually it’s just whacked together in whatever mug is clean). The result was so lovely, I was like “what the heck!” and I did a little shoot. It was just the kick I need & I did THREE shoots 😊 • • This is my favourite brand of hot chocolate, @groundedpleasures. Although they do have many flavours from Cinnamon to French Mint & Vanilla Bean (all are amazing!), I used their Noir (dark chocolate) version with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg with cream + shaved @lindt_chocolate balls on top. Who wants the recipe? #cookwiththemacadames #anisasabetphotography xx • • 📷 Canon 5D Mark IV | side light (natural) | no tripod | Canon Macro 100mm 2.8L | Aperture 2.8 | S/S 200 | ISO 500 • • #canon_photos #canonphotography #canon #mycanonstory #feedfeedprops #lightlovers #onmytable #pursuepretty #foodstyling #buzzfeedfood #slowliving #huffposttaste #yahoofood #theartofslowliving #momentslikethese #savblogawards #foodwinewomen #provinciallife #lifeandthyme #livefolk #cntraveller #basuperfoodies #liveinspiration #mycommontable #tasteintravel #cratestyle #getpropped
@ouranu photo 📽 @brucehallcrc Stay safe on
📽 @brucehallcrc Stay safe on campus today everyone! 🌨#ouranu cr: @cjdargavel
@em_wizzfit photo Have you ever looked at a
Have you ever looked at a restaurant menu and chosen the "safe" option? I used to go for the poached eggs or the mushrooms or the toast with a spread. - Despite always wanting the pancakes or the waffles option, there was a time where I avoided it completely. Because it was high calorie Because I wasnt certain what was in it Because I didnt want to risk eating too much... because excess calories = weight gain? Because I wanted to avoid weight gain at all costs... And all of a sudden, a simple meal out is ignored for fear of gaining weight, because in my mind that meal was make or break. And if that meal effected my weight, that was a step backwards from my goal and ultimately, happiness. - I missed out on too many delicious meals. My restriction resulted in too many binges. - It's so easy to step together in your head that one high calorie meal = a step backwards from you goals and "happiness". But it is completely illogical and you will find no joy in that mindset. - I'm done with that mindset. Waffles make me happy, and (consumed in moderation) I don't intend on giving them up ever again ❤ . . . . . #bingerecovery #bingerestrict #iffym #reversedieting #reversediet #gymsharkfit #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #yougotthis #fitnessmotivation #spacekitchen #waffles #waffleporn #wafflewednesday #fitnessinspiration #bodygoals #selflove #selfrespect #selfconfidence #bodyconfident #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #lovetheskinyourein #youareenough #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #strongissexy #breakthecycle
@harryrosejewellery photo I cannot remember the last
I cannot remember the last time I made pearl cluster, here’s hoping I remember how... 🤔
@brittsheruns photo Sessions hurt less in
Sessions hurt less in tropical shorts 🏝🏃🏻‍♀️
@seyrensilvianaa_ photo Indahnya pemandangan
Indahnya pemandangan banyak..........(isi sendiri) 📍 Redhill

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@grummpylili photo 奇妙的夜晚
奇妙的夜晚 再一次感受到自己在这个世界只是一个visitor🎆
@kin_books photo Yes we now have a website,
Yes we now have a website, but we have also started a blog! Visit the website to have a read (link in bio).
@ishaan.j.m photo “The time to answer the
“The time to answer the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet is now. You can make history or be vilified by it.” — @leonardodicaprio
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