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@plmarz photo 📍 I don’t believe Echo and I
📍 I don’t believe Echo and I have ever met a trail we didn’t like! #goinguponatuesday
@cartergalts photo New days new people🙃
New days new people🙃
@klanouette photo A little Sunday view😍. Thank
A little Sunday view😍. Thank you Mount Boucharie for a good time! #gotmyassouttabed #livinthedream #nowwherearethepancakes?
@unruly_abi_tabi photo Late post but awesome night
Late post but awesome night with some great people!! I love y’all so much! 💖 #springfling2018
@wisemanliam photo Living the okenagan high
Living the okenagan high life. Boucherie trails.
@nat_demers12 photo Happy birthday petite
Happy birthday petite Sarah!❤🎉 the buzz to my lightyear🚀 #houdinni
@theanasher photo ☉🏃💦 📸- @wlkrtxsrngr97
☉🏃💦 📸- @wlkrtxsrngr97
@humansofboucherie photo "I think it came from my
"I think it came from my parents. They are quite open minded and have always respected other people regardless of where they come from, what their religion is, what their sexuality is, and what their gender identity is. The majority of my friends happen to fall somewhere under the LGBTQ+ spectrum. I completed a degree in Canadian Social History: First Nations, Racism and Anti-semitism, and Women.This degree really opened my mind to the social constructs around us. Historically, diversity was erased or hidden. Now, we are seeing a shift towards diversity. Our provincial and federal governments are trying to make our society more inclusive. Historically, diversity hasn't been celebrated, and society was instructed how to live. I think that if you don't learn about diversity in the education system, it can be very confusing for young adults.It's great that teenagers have more access to information and are receiving an increasingly inclusive education. Everything is at their fingertips. I just feel, why judge someone for how they live? Or who they are? Like, you can't take that away from someone." - Ms. Keyworth Janzen (📸:

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@_nicoleclifton_ photo 🌻Making everyday Magic, since
🌻Making everyday Magic, since 2007 @cliftonkinetics You make my heart smile & my worries fade... xo
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