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@chris_van_zyl photo Solving the world’s greatest
Solving the world’s greatest problems..... @greg_jenks22 @ricardosimal
@shadyv photo It's these moments that make
It's these moments that make the best memories. ❤️family #reignjaxonvictor #makingmemories #family #waverleyhills #tulbagh
@kayleighhattingh photo Morning art from @hell_yerr
Morning art from @hell_yerr while doing pumpovers #theartofprocrastination #harvest2018
@michelle_lake photo A massive congrats to this
A massive congrats to this super clever brother of mine on his graduation 🎓 you're an inspiration to so many, especially to me! I miss you so much! #callhimmaster #mastertrevor ♥️♥️ @trevlake
@lezanne_louw photo "Life is meant for good
"Life is meant for good friends and great adventures" 💪👌 Dankie vir jou vriendskap🙋bly altyd so nice en cool mens soos wat jy is😉🎉🤗
@beebryce photo Saturday afternoon cheese
Saturday afternoon cheese board. With some @waverleyhills_organic Olives and Red wine jelly. Cheese and cured meats from @makersmarkgallery #weekendbreakaway #anniversaryspoils
@christiaan.de.wet photo we gon' do it.▪️
we gon' do it.▪️
@aaliyah_davids photo another day, another
another day, another @nala_capetown outfit + hat
@mr_lee04dec photo 12 degrees outside but the
12 degrees outside but the tub and Johnnie Black is keeping us warm! 🔥😆 #TeamOulik #FransmanHoneymoon #roxlee #Roxzydan

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@beebryce photo When you have fresh
When you have fresh granadilla, you put it in your Pink Gin. Let the weekend beGIN. #pinkgin
@natemaingard photo Blissful moment finding me
Blissful moment finding me with my lady @wildlove.life. Thank you, beloved, for the depths of witnessing we go through, the heights of joy we dance in. It's hard sometimes, but what isn't 💏. . . I've had so many people tell me I've chosen a difficult career (musician/troubadour), to which I can only respond, "show me an easy job, an easy life, and I'll take it.” . . Is it easier to work your life away doing things you don't love for the promise of an eventual happy retirement? I don't think so. I have never met a single person who has an easy life. We are all uniquely challenged. . . It's ok to make money from your passion, or from something else. It's ok to experiment, fuck it up, explore, change your mind, devolve, evolve, whatever. Just please, do include your passions in your life, it's always worth it. . . Don't let the rules holds you back. So much of what is most beautiful in this world happened because people broke the rules of that time: The world was flat, reading was reserved for the rich, women couldn't vote, and on and on and on. . . Not sure where this whole post is headed, just brain dumping some thoughts. I'd love to hear yours too and, If you choose to share, include the word 'rainbow' somewhere 🌈 😉
@misterjaphta photo “I am you, you are me.” 🖤 -
“I am you, you are me.” 🖤 - @deidrediedz
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