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@em_carey photo Gooooood morning! Who’s
Gooooood morning! Who’s excited for this week? I sure am because I’m in the process of creating something special for you guys which I think you’re going to love 🙈☺️ stay tuned!! Also... itsssss Make Someone’s Monday! So let’s help each other start the week right with some kindness from a stranger and a big ol smile. Insta stalk the person in the comment above you and leave a compliment for them in the comments here. Let’s do it!! ☺️🌈🙈☀️
@daniel__allen__ photo 🧘🏽‍♂️🌞💦🌴 So yesterday me and
🧘🏽‍♂️🌞💦🌴 So yesterday me and @rohanmurdock went up to cock rock as we started walking down the rocks I said be careful u don’t drop ur phone cause I’ve done it and it was fuked and legit 1 min later he drops it #Jinxmuch anyway we were there nearly 3 hrs looking for the fuken thing but we didn’t find it so yeh we both now have a love/hate relationship with cock rock #seeyanever #theresanovelforthehungoverheadsthismornin 🤪
@graantbink photo 🏃‍♂️
@misssophiegrace_ photo Just sitting here reflecting
Just sitting here reflecting on the incredible growth my business and I have gone through over the last 12 months. I couldn’t be happier, more content or prouder of the beautiful people in my life, and the lessons I have learnt. Bring on the next 12 months. #fitazfkgym #fitazfkgympersonaltrainer #compprepcoach #strengthwithsophiegrace #onlinecoach #switchonstrengthandshred
@holly.cushing photo Absolutely knackered
Absolutely knackered
@_summerchally photo Missing the heat 😩🔥
Missing the heat 😩🔥
@emilyannboyd photo got lost about 34 times
got lost about 34 times before we made it. “follow the hexagonal shaped rocks” ...mmmmmmm k

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@hartley_107 photo Ever jumped a fence to sit on
Ever jumped a fence to sit on a rock really high up and have a drink? Yeah neither have I.
@thaymatos photo Escutei minha mãe falando no
Escutei minha mãe falando no mínimo 37 vezes “Sai daí menina, vai cair meu deus” 😂😂 #nofilter #goldcoast #australia #burleighheads #aussiedream
@philip_torbett photo Awesome day down at Burleigh
Awesome day down at Burleigh beach on the weekend 🙌 #cockrock
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