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@citybestviews photo 📍Bern , Switzerland 🇨🇭 📍Берн
📍Bern , Switzerland 🇨🇭 📍Берн , Швейцария 🇨🇭 📷: @emmett_sparling Follow @citybestviews for the best urban photo👆
@women_with_style photo Tag your ski 🎿 partner  By
Tag your ski 🎿 partner By @erin_edenholm #womenwithstyle
@man_influence photo Movie night 👌🏽 Tag someone..
Movie night 👌🏽 Tag someone.. #cozy @love_mood_style
@entre_dois photo you can do this. stop
you can do this. stop sabotaging yourself and your dreams. 🌙
@cassyofficial photo C at work
C at work
@connecting_consciousness photo Way to go #Switzerland 🇨🇭 🗯
Way to go #Switzerland 🇨🇭 🗯 More law abiding citizens with firearms = less crime. Statistics baby.📊 🗯 At ANY of these shootings, had there been a law abiding citizen with a gun, could have stopped the shooter.💡 🗯 But besides that, EVERYONE who enjoys freedom, MUST look up "MK Ultra Sleeper Agents - Matthew Pauly"🦋 🗯 Quick summary: After World War 2, thousands of Nazi mind control scientists, rocket scientists, etc were CONTRACTED to work for the USA, and went on to create NASA, the Sea.Eye.Aye, and were absorbed into the military industrial complex. This was called OPERATION: PAPERCLIP 📎 Why am I telling you this? 🗯 The Sea.Eye.Aye also ran project mockingbird, whereby they now 100% control 95% of the media, literally. Cannot be argued. What's the significance of this? 🗯 The hidden hands that control the government want MORE power, MORE control. They are using MK-ULTRA SLEEPER AGENTS to carry out shootings, to ENFLAME the anti-gun lobby, to get us to voluntarily give up our gun rights. 🗯 This IS, and HAS BEEN part of the plan since World War 2. Please do yourself a favour and RESEARCH: SLEEPER AGENTS, and then you will watch the Bourne movies with a WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE....
@glauberarantes photo 🔥 FOLLOW TRICK 🔥🌵PROJETO PARA
🔥 FOLLOW TRICK 🔥🌵PROJETO PARA GANHAR SEGUIDORES 🌵para ganhar seguidores , esteja seguindo: @juniiorofc @glauberarantes @ronygleison @gustavotins @nathanpetitt * Curta esse post e comente varias vezes e siga todos que curtirem a foto ( Só pode participar quem estiver seguindo os feeds citados acima, do contrário iremos bloquear ) 🔥 QUANTO MAIS PESSOAS MARCAR , MAIS SEGUIDORES VOCÊ IRÁ GANHAR 🤘
@loucosporviagem photo Sempre falo que existem 2
Sempre falo que existem 2 “Suíças” bem diferentes - uma no inverno e outra que vai da primavera ao outono. No inverno tudo fica branquinho, coberto de neve, o frio é gostoso para comer, beber, dormir e curtir a dois. Eu amo essa época do ano ☃️! Mas em compensação, fora dos meses de inverno, há muito o que se fazer por lá : caminhadas, passeios de bike, dá para nadar nos lagos cristalinos, tudo fica mais colorido e florido. ⠀ ⠀ Na foto, o @parkhotelvitznau em set/16 (verão) para vocês verem a diferença entre as estações. Esse foi o último hotel em que nos hospedamos nessa trip - impecável, localizado às margens do Lago Lucerna e aos pés do Mt.Rigi.

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@jihenekhalil photo 😍😎😘
@pytia photo Infront of my old
Infront of my old high-school- I remember those days when I used to cycle to school and what a beautiful location❤️#highschoolyears#basel#gymnasium#swiss#education#baselstadt#switzerland🇨🇭#münsterplatzbasel#goodoldtimes💕#memories
@blackkclub photo #the #show #of #noizy #luzern
#the #show #of #noizy #luzern #lucerne @blackkclub with the #superstar @zinizin #midistirone #ak47 #thebaddest 📅SAMSTAG 03.03.18 | BLACKK THE CLUB Headliner: the show of NOIZY - Lady's Attitude Label Release 📌LADIES FREE ENTRY Abendkasse 25.- | Eintritt 20.- Friendlist 📍Adresse: Blackk the Club Längenbold 12 6037 Root LU 📲Für Reservation: 076 773 13 31
@accadueo.ch photo Just Premium Waters 🇨🇭Ice
Just Premium Waters 🇨🇭Ice Swan 🇨🇿 Ice Swan is bottled water of glacial origin which is sourced from the natural flow of the Queulat Fjord in the Chilean Patagonia, situated within the largest extension of Temperate Coastal Rain Forests of the Southern Hemisphere. In this pristine and untouched area, the snow melts, waterfalls and rivers have been flowing naturally for millenniums on their journey to the Pacific Ocean. Ice Swan is harvested before the water can complete its journey to the ocean. Bottled at source, the water is collected naturally and flows by gravity to our State-of-the Art bottling facility, thus avoiding any alteration of its delicate characteristics. The water has been dated as far back as 40.000 years old, and given the geography of the location, where no city or industry are within a 200 kilometer radius from the bottling facility, these pristine waters flow naturally towards the ocean through the paths under which the ice fields, eternal snows and glaciers were formed thousands of years ago. As a unique distinction, Ice Swan is bottled to the sounds of ambient Classical Music, following the theories of Dr. Masaru Emoto, whom sustains that water has memory. The water has a very low mineral content and provides a soft, neutral and delicate epicurean experience in an upscale glass presentation. #lugano #bellinzona #schweiztourismus #swissrestaurant #swissfoodie #stmoritz #baselfood #luzern #zurichfood #zurichcity #luganolake #swissfood #tessin #ascona #locarno #ristorantiticino #mineralwasser #luganocity #luganofood #swissrestaurant #swissfood #ticinowine #swissfoodies #swissfoodie #swissfoodblog #zurichcity #luganocity #mendrisio #stgallencity #basel #luganomycity #luganolake #graubuenden #svizzeraitaliana
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