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@mariajesu_ photo “la verga de pared esa”. El
“la verga de pared esa”. El juidero se armó en La Gran Muralla China, señore ⛩
@jordynorange photo Just two girls tryna race
Just two girls tryna race with Chyna in China
@cristobalmaggio photo Así me despido!
Así me despido! Indescriptible 🇨🇳
@chris_liebing photo “Meditation will manifest”
“Meditation will manifest” @joshwink1 (R&S Records 1994). In my opinion, Meditation is one of, if not the most important thing humans can do. Our monkey mind is usually up to no good and causes pain and suffering. Making peace with it and being in the present moment is best achieved by meditation, as the mind made up future is an illusion and the past only a modified version of now. (I am pretty sure I heard that quote from Alan Watts) Not that I would be a great example in that respect, on the contrary, my mind is more active and troubled than ever before. But my trip to Asia (I know it sounds so cliche), especially walking on the Great Wall, reminded me, that I need to meditate more in my life again. You might think that this pic is staged, but while Jonas took some pics walking around, I felt the sudden need to sit down and meditate. It was only for about 5 minutes (thanks @jonaskopinski for capturing it), but it completely changed my mood and energized me for my set later on at the @greatwallfestival (you can see parts of it on @be_at_tv ). The whole experience was mind blowing and I will get back to a daily routine now. Instead of stupidly surfing the internet, I will meditate for 20 minutes. Keeping in mind (funny and paradox thing that is) that “it's not a situation that makes us unhappy. it's our thoughts about that situation that makes us unhappy.” - Eckhart Tolle. Well don’t get me wrong I don’t wanna preach here, just sharing my experiences and give you some food for thought (comments welcome). I wanna thank our great host Yucheng in Beijing for taking so good care of us at the Festival and showing us the Great Wall. Of course I also wanna send out another huge thanks to everyone in Seoul at @faustseoul and in Tokyo at for greatly hosting jet lagged and therefore quite moody and tired travelers and the amazing times at the clubs. Let’s continue that amazing journey.. next stop @lenoxluxembourg on Friday. In the meantime check my new #AMFM set and also if u haven’t yet my new release on @muterecords , link in Bio. #novembergrey #burnslow Thanks for still reading, you can go on doing whatever now 🤪
@hgod_ photo Wanna know what’s stronger
Wanna know what’s stronger than stone? #SteelersNation ⚡️
@edugarcia90 photo Last day in Beijing visiting
Last day in Beijing visiting the Great Wall. Amazing experience and stunning views. Now it’s time to rest for a few days at home. See you soon China. 🇨🇳🇪🇸
@trackidblog photo Nina Kraviz on the Great Wall
Nina Kraviz on the Great Wall of China! What a moment!😍 🔉 @ninakraviz @greatwallfestival Track name and more tracks here:
@leilamallouky photo Hiked up The Great Wall
Hiked up The Great Wall today... What’d you do?
@kmzamer photo to the windoowww !!!
to the windoowww !!!

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@bronwynworldtour photo Great Wall of China  May 2018
Great Wall of China May 2018 #bronwynworldtour
@danakasser photo not all walls are bad
not all walls are bad
@thelastsamuryan photo Blown away and incredibly
Blown away and incredibly humbled by the #greatwall
@martinamerlet photo Piccoli #valdocinesi sulla
Piccoli #valdocinesi sulla muraglia
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