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@cori_blake photo First time it’s been driven
First time it’s been driven in 3 weeks🤤#mudboggin #yeeyee #paidtoplayinthemud
@thedavidcrabb photo It’s been a month today.
It’s been a month today. Seems like much longer or shorter depending on the moment. I wanted to post these pics weeks ago after this happened, but it felt heavy and i avoided it. When i went home to Texas to host The Moth, my mom and stepdad threw one of their patented “David’s in town” parties, complete with iced tea, Crown Royal and more queso than you could ever dream of. It’s always nice seeing our friends, a mix of theirs from church and mine from high school, who are all kind of each other’s friends now. At one point, i realized that my mom and stepdad disappeared. A few minutes later, they came out of the bedroom carrying a table as my mom quieted everyone down and said, “Now i don’t want this to make you more depressed, honey.” Cue waterworks... My mom and Glen had prepared a memorial for Charlie, complete with laminated cards, a photo collage, white flowers & candles, and a cake with his name and angel wings on it. Aside: I’m not entirely ready to be writing this apparently... Anyways, it was lovely and sad and beautiful and all the things. I was reminded how loved i am and how special my boy really was to those folks, who’ve gotten to spend time with him in Texas, New York and Canada. He was a well-traveled little guy, and i hope he’ll keep traveling with me for a long time. #charliewhitepaw
@txfreedomconcrete photo Here are some highlights of
Here are some highlights of the day! We have some more pour dates coming up so stay tuned! Thank you to Texas south pumps and Ingram ready mix for the fast service!🚎👍 Keep following and supporting the concrete journey!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
@sv_madi photo Never forget this feeling.
Never forget this feeling. Let's take it to the mat. #worlds #medondas
@lafortunelinens photo We live in a 1951 cottage.
We live in a 1951 cottage. This is one of the two original bedrooms. Our grand daughters stay here when they visit. The beds were estate sale finds. The rug was a CL find. Lamps...yard sale. Watercolor sale...$5.00, frame and mat...GW. I used to sew for Me & My House, a beautiful store that is no longer in business. I hoarded all the scraps of their fabric that was too small to send back. These duvets are the result of saving and cutting and sewing. They’re over 20 years old and I still love them 💛💚❤️💙 That little rocking chair was my husband’s as a child. Just goes to show you that you can have a home that you love and not have to empty your bank account 😉 #lafortunelinens #twinbeds #guestroom #lovewhereyoulive
@rachel_kleypas photo Living, loving & thriving 🌻
Living, loving & thriving 🌻
@redneck23_23 photo So every day I gotta look at
So every day I gotta look at this amazing beautiful girl So I thought I'd make myself look better. So I've been trying to fix my body and try and look as good as her. So here we go everyone. This is my progress for the past few days.
@sommerd3 photo Today’s inspection: 116
Today’s inspection: 116 Spring Brook. Located in Schertz, Tx. On the market for rent. 3 bed 2.5 bath 3727 sq ft. $1,625/mo. Getting it move in ready. Come take a look!!! #realestate #movingtosanantonio #schertztx #msarealestate #sanantoniopropertymanagement

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@jssrdrgz149 photo Heading into work. Love these
Heading into work. Love these shirts@gruntstyle.
@mpattensharp photo Next year, I’m partaking in
Next year, I’m partaking in the horse relay. #workandplay #vivafiesta
@debsbags photo Sharing my yoga mat
Sharing my yoga mat today🙂#downwarddog #yellowlabyoga
@bearded.texan photo Lunch time at
Lunch time at McDonald’s...............☘️🍀 #elbarbonchingon #bvssupporter #stxsupporter #beardedvillainsworldwide
@moniqueangelica89 photo If y’all need a pedicure you
If y’all need a pedicure you go see Jason 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😂 ...yes I know pedicures can start labor.... however thus far none of my children have wanted to come out on their own so I think I’m ok 😂
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