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@joe_sugg photo Here’s me looking out to sea
Here’s me looking out to sea trying to find an answer to the question “am I posting too many photos from South Africa?”
@daniel_mahony photo Hanging off the cliffs at
Hanging off the cliffs at Knysna heads to get some pretty crazy shots 🇿🇦🌊
@kristinmarchand photo No one likes a shady beach
No one likes a shady beach 🌴👙🍍⛱️
@c_x_d_e photo “Kick it into third as the
“Kick it into third as the rev counter hits four thousand, over correct and then under. Catch that gravel skirting lining the side of the silent dark tarmac on which you rode, but now skid. Perpendicular to the correct direction of motion the rubber on the tires finally regain grip, but for the wrong reasons as the capsule into which you are strapped jumps energetically onto its side before falling heavily on its roof, which compresses towards your face- showing off sparks- stark- centimeters away from your face, slapping you simultaneously with a cocktail of hot metal and shattering glass. Everything is in slow motion as you count each individual spark ignite from the framework of your diminishing roof. And the silence of what should have been death was deafening. Coming to rest only to climb out the passenger seat’s window due to the fact that the doors had been bent shut, with adrenaline coursing through your veins, standing in a panic, the situation doesn’t fully hit until the following morning’s drive home, how far down death row you had slid before coming to rest. It was all too surreal, and the terrifying thing; you wanted to go back and relive it, just to see what you could have done differently.” -me 🙏🏽 • • God is good, and without him, I’m convinced that that crash would have gone very differently. ✝️🙏🏽
@raphacastanheira photo Knysna 🇿🇦
Knysna 🇿🇦
@stu_pip_3 photo Waves & life ... just ride
Waves & life ... just ride it🌊🏄🏻‍♂️ 🐥

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@anitalundsorensen photo Hide away - Two Angels
Hide away - Two Angels #knaysna
@philip_pieterse photo Pezula hills...tough run for
Pezula hills...tough run for amateur
@pip_pike_ photo Just another day
Just another day
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