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@buttery_films photo Out for a cruise in the new
Out for a cruise in the new Buttery merch 🐺 tap the link in my bio to shop or shopbuttery.com
@dylanjaeb photo Sum old sum new 🎥 @river69
Sum old sum new 🎥 @river69 🕺🏼🕺🏼 @pourtash @balimosberg
@lexi_deyoung photo HAPPY SATURDAY FRIENDS!! .
HAPPY SATURDAY FRIENDS!! . Swipe➡️to see a few of the exercises from last night’s leg day🍑😎. . One thing that I’ve been implementing into my training a lot more (especially in lower body days), is pulses at the bottom of each rep. . This is just a way of increasing time under tension (similar to tempo training) and makes movements like 10x harder, I SWEAR😂. I also feel like it forces me to make sure that my form is in check so I feel each movement a lot more than if I were to just crank the weight up. . HEAVIER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER🤷🏼‍♀️. . A ideas for exercises to try including a pulse with: 🍑Smith Machine reverse lunges 🍑Curtsey lunges 🍑Dumbbell RDLs (or any RDL) 🍑Goblet Squats
@rodrigomelotattoo photo Bodhidharma. 14x20 Acrylic on
Bodhidharma. 14x20 Acrylic on paper. made for @reclaimthedots_the_book based on a Yoshitoshi print from 1887. If anyone’s interested in purchasing an original painting you can contact me at: rodrigomelonyc@gmail.com. Thanks for looking 🙏🏼 #rodrigomelopaintings #bodhidharma #acryliconpaper #forsale #reclaimthedots_the_book
@weatherford5 photo Vision is the ability to see
Vision is the ability to see what’s invisible to everyone else.... • Don’t expect others to understand your vision, it wasn’t given to them. • That includes parents, pastors, teachers, coaches, and any other “mentor” in your life. • • If you only chase what others think you’re capable of, we would ALL be massively underachieving. • F what others say, if you can see it, learn to believe it, the. Go ACHIEVE IT!!!! #DreamBig #WorkHARD #LiveYourDream
@caiitygriffin photo My last surf at home in
My last surf at home in California #7months pregnant 🏄🏼‍♀️🌺 @tuulikkinyc
@hendo_327 photo DAFUQ?!😎
#GangGang #Youre*
DAFUQ?!😎 #GangGang #Youre*
@aliroemer photo Since I'm putting myself
Since I'm putting myself through the open I deserve new shoes right?! Lol 😆 these are the new Nike Metcon 4s and they live up to the hype. Flat for support during lifts, yet flexible for higher intensity cardio. Highly recommend. Love my Adidas NMDs but for training these are my new fav. And this color 😍 - Today I trained a little upper body for strength and finished up w this circuit 4 rounds: 20 wallball 20 db snatch Front rack walking db lunge (20lbs) - Outfit is @tilyoucollapse code ROEMER

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@victorisaiah96 photo Santas brother the brewmaster
Santas brother the brewmaster was a cool bro #SOfortheBrew
@sallycrawford photo This Sunday Rev. Christian
This Sunday Rev. Christian will unveil the truth about love in his talk title "Peace Rocks" Each us live at 11 on Facebook Seaside Center for Spiritual Living Or www.seasidecenter.org
@sandroleitner photo Time to take this Baby out !!
Time to take this Baby out !! 🏍🏍🏍#101pacificcoasthwy #california #sundayride
@jenngremillion1 photo Don’t stop believin’ Hold
Don’t stop believin’ Hold onto that feelin’ Streetlights people Oh, the movie never ends It goes on and on and on and on #keepbelieving
@fittapusa photo Flap to be Fit! Enjoy Pres
Flap to be Fit! Enjoy Pres Day with an hour of the Benefits of Fitness. #flaptobefit #fittapusa #fittap Want to try your first Basics Class? Call to reserve class time & a pair of Tap shoes to borrow. #benefitsoffitnessjoyofdance
@ourhomesteadjourney photo Brewed our first batch of
Brewed our first batch of kombucha. So excited! 😁🥃 #kombuchabrewing #kombucha #homestead #homesteading #homebrew
@spraytanzbysummer photo In the right place with the
In the right place with the right people. All love. Fuck everyone else. ✌🏽
@pariya_x0 photo 🌹Realize deeply that the
🌹Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have- Eckhart Tolle #CatchMeAfterCoffee
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