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@ashika_shetty photo Sunkissed.
@mr_wiggler photo Graduation Dae ❤️🖤DrMvst
Graduation Dae ❤️🖤DrMvst College 💕 #mvshetty #mvshettycollege #drmvst 🖤
@the_flavourists photo Maharajas Special
Maharajas Special commemorative Thali from Feb 17 to Feb 25, 1-3 pm. Several items are common to all 3 options; Veg, Chicken & Fish. ⏺Dalithoy: Hot, wholesome Dal, with the typical pungency from the Hing, & the savoury fried mustard seed & curry leaf seasoning marking the dish truly Konkani. ⏺Rasam: With hints of Tamarind, hearty tomatoes, pepper & cumin making their presence felt, this was on point. ⏺Lime juice: Refreshing, with a unique after taste from the special ingredient, Kala namak. ⏺Kokum Kadi: A mixture of coconut milk, butter milk & kokum juice. You'll surely be left wanting more . ⏺Amla Chutney: A first for us and as a lover of sour foods, this was immensely appealing. Though the main ingredient (in this case, Amla) of the chutney keeps changing - coconut, tamarind & garlic remain constants. ⏺Cabbage Sabji: Cooked in minimum spice, the natural flavour of the cabbage was brought out well. ⏺Other: Papad. 1 long fried green chilly. Raw mango pickle. Karela chips. Chopped onions. Crackers. Rice. Ideal's vanilla icecream. 🎆Fish Items: ⏺Marwai(clam) sukka: Made with grated coconut & a homely masala, this is a generous serving of fleshy clams. ⏺Fish curry: While we had the delicious Koddai, the fish you are presented varies based on the catch. This typically Mangalorean, flavourful curry tasted wonderful with the hot brown rice . ⏺Fried Fish: This koddai fried in a lavish masala, forces you to take a moment to appreciate it. A masterpiece. ⏺Dry prawn chutney: A costal favourite, this hits the mark both in taste & the memory lane. 🎆Chicken items: Chicken Sukka. Fried chicken. Chicken curry. 🎆Other veg items: Curds. Tomato soup. Paneer Kadhai. Papad Chutney. Food: 9/10.(We choose to review only the Fish Thali). Price: ₹100- Chicken/Fish. ₹80- Veg. Rush to Maharaja & avail the best of this limited period offer, because it's certainly worth it👍. #theflavourists #food #foodie #gsbfood #konkanifood #mangalorefood #thali #indianfood #curry #fish #chicken #friedchicken #fishfry #friedfish #foodporn #foodgasm #foodblogger #yummy #delicious #picoftheday #goodfood #vsco #vscofood #instafood #instagood #likeforlike #mangalore #kudla
@mr_issaac photo Memories of those days are
Memories of those days are damn killing these nights👀🗯️
@mangaloremerijaan photo #Mangalore Old Port 😊❤ PC:
#Mangalore Old Port 😊❤ PC: @its_me_bruze
@sambhram18 photo Tag your friends whom you
Tag your friends whom you think would take home these trophies... Let see who takes home all these amazing trophies on 23rd of February 2018. #ISAMBHRAM #Sambhram18

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@azwin_ish photo Do not compete with anyone in
Do not compete with anyone in the race of life. Compete with yourself. -
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Match the intensity to match the insanity🎭.. #candid
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