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@bluejacketsnhl photo Thank you, 5th Line. #CBJ
Thank you, 5th Line. #CBJ
@shoddieslime_13 photo I clean up real nice, I don’t
I clean up real nice, I don’t have a maid 🙇🏾‍♂️
@moore_of_kollin photo Finally received my six sigma
Finally received my six sigma green belt certification 🙌🏼 such an interesting process and a great end to my undergrad !!!
@ashsullyyyy photo The moment i stop havin fun
The moment i stop havin fun wit it i be done wit it... #D4MovementsOnly
@aubbing photo Doing what I love, loving
Doing what I love, loving what I do
@thelittlekitchentruck photo We've got a lot of stuff
We've got a lot of stuff happening this week! Here's where to find us: . Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be at IJUS LLC (690 Taylor Road) from 11am-1:30pm. . Friday we will sadly NOT be at the lovely Virtue Salon, because we are going to the @balletmet 's event "Beer and Ballet" 5pm-9pm, which is open to the public! More information is on our story. . Saturday is the first outdoor Clintonville Famers Market and we will be there from 9am-12pm . Sunday we will be at @itsallnatural1360 from 11-4. It's a world vegan wide bake sale and we are donating 10% of our sales to @sunrisesanctuary ❤️ . photo credits to @eatingwithlindsay
@thefitnesslioness photo HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CALORIES
HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CALORIES ⬆️ WITHOUT GAINING FAT so you can increase your energy, your performance, your sleep, your metabolism, your gains 💪🏼, and your overall quality of life and health! (Oh and to eat awesome meals like enchiladas #duh) - There’s an epidemic happening and it’s UNDER EATING. Either you’re “too busy to eat” 🤦🏼‍♀️, don’t know how to eat, or you’re listening to some fad diet that said carbs are bad... either way 8/10 when I observe a new client’s eating habits they’re at such a severe deficit their body’s natural survival system would have to be shut down in order for it to use fat as energy. - So what now? First things first, track multiple days of eating into my fitness pal to get an idea of what your current caloric intake is. You can do macro calculators all day long but if you’re under eating by 600 cals and make a leap you’ll rebound and potentially gain weight which is what we want to avoid. - Once you have an average of where your current food intake has been (track multiple days and get an average) you want to take that average, increase by approx. 100 cals, stick to that amount and see how you feel, and then make slow increases of about 100 calories every week or every other week. Monitor your weight and how your clothes feel during this time. If you’re getting hungrier guess what?! More food! Our bodies are very adaptive things! Do not fear small increases in food. Small increases to food will AID in fat loss when you’ve been under eating. - It is very important to track your food intake during an increase to keep things streamline. Ideally you’ll want to break calories down into macros, but to keep it simple focus on calories and getting lots of protein! You want your food choices to be nutrient dense and not things that could cause digestive upset. You’re in a vulnerable state when you’ve been under eating drastically! - I highly suggest getting someone to guide you through this process, but if you can’t just find an average of your current intake, make an increase of around 100 cals, gauge how you feel, and increase from there! You’ll be feeling better in a matter of DAYS! #foodforfuel #tfltrainertips #foodforfatloss
@billionare_lifestyle photo “Got tired of being the
“Got tired of being the consumer and became the producer” Two months ago i turned my “pain into purpose” by creating a podcast called Billionare Lessons with the goal to motivate our generation and put positivity, applied knowledge, financial literacy, and the entrepreneurial spirit in the universe. All it takes is being “fearless” and being apart of the change you want to see. Shoutout to everyone that has been tuning in every week 💪🏾. The support is much appreciated. Special s/o to all the guest so far @dreamsbyanymeans @jlonon @whois_hoffa @iamdonnice @thekennyb @dreamchaserr5 @theindiasage @marvelous_millennial @_brandonalexander_ @1zay_ @lorenlorosa @theemilanmobley #billionarelessons💰💸
@annarosemc photo drive thru raw as hell
drive thru raw as hell

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@darkearthdevices photo I will be attending the
I will be attending the Columbus Ohio date! Come find me and enjoy some righteous jams! Their most recent EP is phenomenal check it out now on Spotify!
@dirteatinfool photo It was a fun ride.
It was a fun ride. Unfortunately it ended to soon #CBJ2018-2019 #2inarow #hope
@doganddude photo Ripley loves riding shotgun
Ripley loves riding shotgun in the Boogie Van ! @chip423 takes the wheel and approves ! #cruising #boogievan #czechshepard #vanlife
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