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@litestyleco photo #LiteStyleLocals :my go to
#LiteStyleLocals :my go to @starbucks drinks is soy latte. Some golden rules for you: 1) avoid syrup and whipped cream at all costs | 不要加糖漿或鮮奶油霜, 2) stick with tall or grande size | 不要點特大, and 3) go skinny or ask for sugar free syrup | 可以點skinny或使用sugar free糖漿 ・・・ ☕️Grande 16oz 2% Milk: 鮮奶咖啡 Caffè Latte 190kcal - 7(f)-19(c)-13(p) 朱古力咖啡 Caffè Mocha 290kcal - 8(f)-42(c)-13(p) 泡沫咖啡 Cappuccino 120kcal - 4(f)-12(c)-8(p) 焦糖咖啡 Caramel Macchiato 250kcal - 7(f)-35(c)-10(p) 美式咖啡 Caffè Americano 15kcal - (trace)
@oskar_the_blind_cat photo One more #ThrowbackThursday
One more #ThrowbackThursday pic before the day is over. This time it’s Oskar hanging out on the floor, looking fantastic as always. Between those ears and the nose NOTHING got past him. He was truly a master of his domain. #GoOskar #TBT
@yyselina photo :拔👨🏻~快幫我把那狗也拍進去!!
:拔👨🏻~快幫我把那狗也拍進去!! 結果只有狗屁股狗尾巴跟狗的1/3側臉:)👌🏼 / 今天除了帶爸媽踩點以外,他們陪我去體驗我心繫的amazon go我真的覺得太驚嘆了!我們真的就逼逼amazon帳號走進去,拿了巧克力、優格、餅乾,直接走出去也不用再逼逼,跟去自己廚房拿東西出來吃一樣🙂🙂一分鐘後我就收到正確的收據!真的太興奮了!我這次的西雅圖之旅無憾嘍!🤣🤣
@strawberryshartcakeofficial photo THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE
@ffarmacos photo volviendo a casa 🇨🇱 esta
volviendo a casa 🇨🇱 esta semana fue realmente un sueño, demasiado irreal todo. 8 aviones, 3 países, 5 shows en 6 días, tocar en @kexp y un infinito etc. Gracias a todos los que lograron esto y a todas las buenas personas y grandes amigxs que hicimos en este viaje por Perú, Costa Rica y Seattle. Que experiencia tan hermosa. Ahora vienen shows por algunas ciudades y al fin ya se anunciará el show en Santiago. Amor para todxs. Demasiada felicidad y mucho sueño también 😴 nos faltan dos aviones más.
@camille_dncr photo @dancemakersinc Day 1 was so
@dancemakersinc Day 1 was so wonderful and fun! Swipe left to see a super fun hiphop combo to Scooby Doo Pa Pa! Thank you @dejantubic for the amazing and inspiring class!💖⭐️🔥💃🏼
@brian.paquette.interiors photo /// Saturday!!! OPEN 10-6.
/// Saturday!!! OPEN 10-6. Come say hi!
@bigworldsmalldogs photo Finn is very upset that we
Finn is very upset that we missed #nationalpuppyday but you can still visit him and his Shiblings on our YouTube channel. Link in bio... #howlyoudoing
@rachaelsgoodeats photo Saturday SWEAT 💦💪 There’s
Saturday SWEAT 💦💪 There’s something to be said about getting *enough* sleep every night because before this workout I slept 8.5 hours and woke up with so much energy to burn and was just about dead by the end of this workout 😂 aka wait til the end of the video to see how high my little legs can(not) jump . Feel free to break this workout into 2 circuits and repeat each 3-4 times💥 . Circuit 1: Battle ropes with side to side lunges on bosu ball x 30 seconds Reverse lunge on glider with weighted RDL (#stokedfit fit) x 10 each leg Spider-Man push-ups on bosu x 14 . Circuit 2: Isolated shoulder press on Swiss ball x 12 each Toes to bar x 10 Weighted pulse to jump squat x 10 . . Wearing @adidaswomen warp knit tights & ultra-boosts shoes #rachaelsgoodeats #fitness

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@tonyfroehlich photo Beautiful morning for a walk.
Beautiful morning for a walk. I love my neighborhood.
@tara.wyman photo Truth 🙏🏼✨
Truth 🙏🏼✨
@morganannezamora photo Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, Does
Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, Does whatever a Spider-Pig does.
@petersowell photo Seattle, Washington.
Seattle, Washington.
@moscatoextatique photo This week I’ll be performing
This week I’ll be performing in THREE different numbers at the Moisture Festival at Broadway Performance Hall. 3/29 I take the stage with @modcarousel. 3/30 I’ll be dancing with @houseofverlaine & performing my Eartha Kitt Tribute. Photo by @meneldorphotography from @ivafieroproductions Dearly Beloved. Costume by @original_by_paris . . . . . . . #seabq #moisturefestival #burlesque #boylesque #androgynous #costumedesign #modcarousel #ivafiero #leopardprint #instagay #gayseattle #dancer
@ohmerry photo What I enjoyed most about my
What I enjoyed most about my chance happening upon the #marchforourlives event this morning was the community togetherness. The Seattle PD led the march with a motorcycle motorcade and these guys rode alongside and followed up at the tail end. They were tickled when I asked if I could take a picture. I love the perspective and aesthetic of the row of officers on bicycles. The officer at the far right is smiling hard and I love it. Seattle is a friendly city.
@thisisbonfire photo March of the future leaders:
March of the future leaders:
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