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@marcoromano_official photo On the way to do the first
On the way to do the first training in @virginactiveuk In love my new sweatshirt @balenciaga
@firstaidkitband photo We woke up like this.
We woke up like this. @bbcbreakfast 🇬🇧
@roseanna_cox photo Throwback. Working with
Throwback. Working with @t.mazurkiewicz84 at Oliver’s gym 👊🏾
@kidzboptwinkle photo I had such an amazing time
I had such an amazing time with the @kidzbop_uk kids today ❤️ We all met some lovely people like the presenters themselves @lindseyjrussell and @iamradzi ✨ Thank you so much everyone who watched it and we hope you all liked it 🤣 . . . #kidzbop #kidzbopuk #KB @cbeebieshq @cbbc #KidzbopTwinkle #SingerTwinkle #DancerTwinkle #Dancer #Singer #liverpool #festival #gig #daysoutwithkidsuk #familyfun #love #cbbc #cbeebies #tvshow @blue.peter #familyfun #picoftheday #ootd #fashion #model #London #Manchester #mediacity
@martinparrstudio photo #ArtInLondon Last week
#ArtInLondon Last week 'Martin Parr - Early Works, 1971-1986' opened at @huxleyparlour, #London - in association with @rocketgallery - and will be on display until 06 JUN 2018. The exhibition brings together works from Parr's early series, including 'Bad Weather', 'The Non-Conformists', 'A Fair Day' and #MartinParr's earliest #colour work and most iconic series 'The Last Resort', as well as others. This week's Instagram presents a selection from the show; head down to #HuxleyParlour to see the early Parr prints. Photo - A Cobblers, Salford, #England, 1986. #MagnumPhotos
@victorianiamh photo Today I died and went to
Today I died and went to cookie dough heaven 🤤🍪 Do you have ‘rules’ around food? 🤷🏼‍♀️ throughout my health and fitness journey I’ve had ALL kinds of rules; some more detrimental to my health than supporting it. 🙆🏼‍♀️ My three biggest we’re: 1. Carbs only around training, and non on rest day. 2. I can only eat food classed as ‘unclean’ on the weekend, or on one specific day. 3. I must get 1.2g of protein per lb of body weight every day.💁🏼‍♀️ I think it’s Important to be mindful of your food, to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy, but if you have rules which lead you to feel uneasy if you have to break them, I think they need addressing. ☝🏻 I’m not going to pretend I’m completely rule free, I guess still I have minor rules, which I only realise when I’m put into certain situations. However, the previous rules I had, I would just challenge them to over come them.🙋🏼‍♀️ carbs only around workout? Ok I’ll eat them all day everyday and see what happens. Only eat cookies on a Saturday? Okay I’ll eat a couple every day and see what happens. Do you know what I found over and over again? NOTHING HAPPENED😱🙋🏼‍♀️. If you are struggling with food rules right now, why not try challenging them to overcome them 🤷🏼‍♀️. #food#foodporn#fitness#health#healthy#love#girlgains#cookie#cookiedough#dessert#eatingdisorder#disordereating#thursday#foodie
@salfordcityfc photo ‪It’s a busy day for
‪It’s a busy day for birthdays! 🎂 ‬ ‪Happy birthday to our chairman, Karen! 🎉‬ ‪We hope you’ve had a fantastic day! 👏‬
@frankie__sausage photo Fri-nally 5pm! 🙌🏻 waiting for
Fri-nally 5pm! 🙌🏻 waiting for my cocktail like 🍹 @thebotanistuk #friyay
@jingleheartart photo My #mentalhealthawareness
My #mentalhealthawareness posts have come to a halt despite the fact that I planned to continue on with them for a further week after #mentalhealthawarenessweek had ended. I've touched upon a small segment of my childhood and teenage years but I haven't mentioned my experiences with my mental health as an adult or as a mother. I also want to talk about a range of coping mechanisms and other stuff that I think will be of value to others. But why did I stop writing? Well last Friday, I was hit with another bombshell and it feels like I have just been pushed into a new chapter of my life (new hair colour will follow shortly for anyone that knows me lol) I had an important meeting about what I consider to be 'my main mental illness.' I have spoken openly about having Bipolar Disorder for years on YouTube as well as helped raise awareness at a time when Bipolar Disorder was considered more taboo than it is today and I have essentially lived with this diagnosis since 2007. For 5 years I lived in denial that there was nothing wrong with me until I woke up and smelt the roses. Having Bipolar Disorder is why I entered the mental health system to begin with and I have lived my life every day safe guarding myself with it holding me by the throat. I've charted my mood patterns for over 10 years in order to survive the maze of my mind. On Friday, they told me that they don't think that I fit the criteria for Bipolar Disorder anymore but something else. They have changed my diagnosis on paper and I hope I'll feel ready to talk about it soon. I still have anxiety and ptsd but it's because of those disorders intensifying in certain ways due to what I have been through over the past 5 years that my moods don't follow the same pattern that they once did. There never used to be triggers but now there are. For anyone who knows their shit about mental illnesses, you'll already know my new diagnosis based on what I have said. It's a hard pill for me to swallow but I'll get there. I'm more than my diagnosis and although I feel everything which makes life overwhelming sometimes, it makes me appreciate the simplest of things like leaf formations and sunsets from a bush's perspective.

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@ethangolledge photo Basement fam
Basement fam
@rmacbeautyrehab photo Rose and caramel velvet tan😻😻
Rose and caramel velvet tan😻😻 Appointments now available on Fridays and Saturdays Direct message Book online : Link in bio #waxing #legwax #brazillianwax #intimitewaxing #woman #hairremoval #lazerhairremoval #veet #rmacbeautyrehab #beautyqueens #spraytan #goldengoddess #bronzed #sunkissed #brows #laurensway
@rmacbeautyrehab photo 🖤FLUFFY🖤 Volume lashes💥
🖤FLUFFY🖤 Volume lashes💥 Appointments now available on Fridays and Saturdays Direct message Book online : Link in bio #waxing #legwax #brazillianwax #intimitewaxing #woman #hairremoval #lazerhairremoval #veet #rmacbeautyrehab #beautyqueens #spraytan #goldengoddess #bronzed #sunkissed #brows #laurensway
@sophiehickman11 photo Last night 💛☀️🌻
Last night 💛☀️🌻
@rmacbeautyrehab photo Late night lash post☺️🌈🦄💖
Late night lash post☺️🌈🦄💖 Appointments now available on Fridays and Saturdays Direct message Book online : Link in bio #waxing #legwax #brazillianwax #intimitewaxing #woman #hairremoval #lazerhairremoval #veet #rmacbeautyrehab #beautyqueens #spraytan #goldengoddess #bronzed #sunkissed #brows #laurensway
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