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@hessa_umzayed photo 🦋 The Butterfly Effect 🦋 A
🦋 The Butterfly Effect 🦋 A lot of you have followed me recently and probably have no idea of the significance of the butterfly to me, so I thought I would explain (before I get one more DM asking me if it’s something to do with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott... seriously! 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️)... • In 2015 I had surgery to remove almost all of my thyroid gland after my doctor found a lump growing on one of the lobes. It was a scary time, but thankfully I got the all-clear quite quickly after it was removed and I was able to begin my recovery. The thyroid gland, which is situated in the neck, is often referred to as being shaped like a butterfly; hence why I called my blog ‘Butterfly Free’ after having it taken out, and why I feel a particular affinity to this fragile yet beautiful creature. • When you go through a life-changing experience such as that, it can be a great source of strength to find a symbol to associate it with; to remind you of what you overcame and to take pride in how it has shaped you into the person you are today. That is what the butterfly represents to me. 🦋
@aronanderson photo I’m so excited right now!
I’m so excited right now! Tomorrow I’m going to get to jump out of this aircraft wearing a parachute. Today we went through all the emergency procedures on how to do if anything goes wrong in the air so hopefully I should be ready for my first solo jump tomorrow. Wish me luck! 😜😄 #skydiving #skydivedubai #skydiver #wheelchairskydiving #paraplegic #wheelchairsports
@raziliicious photo stop waiting for an apology
stop waiting for an apology from the people that hurt you to finally give yourself the permission to heal. make love to the parts of yourself that old connections disconnected. dip the parts they broke in self love. wait for no one to come along and kiss your wounds. #love #selflove #apology #letgo #positivevibes #loveyourself
@yuliya_____757_____official photo С какого-то момента, вместо
С какого-то момента, вместо того чтобы указывать на чужие недостатки, я занялась исправлением своих. Это было намного сложнее... Каждый свой последующий шаг я старалась сделать красивее и осознаннее чем предыдущий... Вот тогда и начались изменения в моей жизни... 😉 #мысливслух #дубай #polaris
@ophelia_overdose photo Trying on some of my friends
Trying on some of my friends Abayas to have something to wear for tomorrow 😊
@iamkevinyoung photo Anyone who knows me (or
Anyone who knows me (or simply watched my love for them through social media) knows how much I love my boys Sushi & Monkey. It’s very hard for me to write this but as I keep getting asked every day how my boys are doing I just don’t want to keep lying anymore. Around 4 weeks ago I had to give up my beautiful boys to their new homes. My angel Sushi is now in Romania with my ex wife’s family and little Monkey is with a beautiful family in Dubai. I’ve been through a lot the last year with my personal life and what I realize now more that ever is people change, shit changes and life become a little bit different. You gotta learn how adapt because everything in life will change. I just couldn’t give them the life they deserve anymore and I love them too much to be selfish and keep them. I don’t need judgement, questioning or even sympathy I just want to be at peace with my decision. So many people ask me daily how my boys are doing. Well they are doing amazing and are loved unconditionally. I miss you both sooooo much every day, I love you both with every ounce of my soul and I hope one day to hold you both again. This first pic is my final goodbye to them along with my final breakfast and car ride to drop them. The other pics are them now in their new lives. ❤️🐰🐒 #sushiandmonkey #MyBoys #IllAlwaysLoveYou #IMissYouEveryDay
@estherquek photo Thursday night, ready to
Thursday night, ready to swing. Pick up my girls and hit the party scene @misslilysdxb #followEQtoDubai
@itsjustdhanil photo It was really amazing to meet
It was really amazing to meet this gorgeous and coolest woman @ranjini_h . Filled up with lots of positive energy. Thanks to @playhousedxb . . . . . #theplayhousedxb #theplayhouse #ranjini_haridas #coolest #woman #celebrity #amazing #instadaily #dubainightlife #nightlife #party #hardwork #photooftheday #dubai #mydubai #peace

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@door503 photo I think it is a symbolic
I think it is a symbolic shot...or something of such sort.
@munajed_mo photo 7 Rules to be happy in life👍
7 Rules to be happy in life👍 1) Never hate, 2) Don't worry, 3) Live simple 4) Expect a little, 5) Give a lot, 6) Always smile, 7) And keep in touch with GOD.😎 #rules#happy#life#dubai#keepsmiling 😊
@hiyamissawi photo #Repost @amroladiessalon with
#Repost @amroladiessalon with @get_repost ・・・ #Repost @joudyyz with @get_repost ・・・ Makeup by @hiyamissawi & hair by @moe6633 at Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed road.043434030 #Dubai ‎مكياج من هيام و شعر من محمد في فندق شانغريلا، شارع الشيخ زايد ٠٤٣٤٣٤٠٣٠ ‎#دبي#amrosalon #makeup #hairstyles #dubai #abudhabi #conturing #fashionart #celebrities #fashion #blogger #love #weddingmakeup #color #hairandstyles #bride #bridal #makegirlz #fashionista #hair #salon #haircolor #blendwithtrend #beauty #women #style #wedding
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