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@deannakane_fitness photo If you aren’t tracking, how
If you aren’t tracking, how do you know you’re not slacking!? ⠀ Your workout is a true training session only if you have specific goals, a planned vision of progress and a way to measure your results. ⠀ As an avid tracker of my workouts, I really cannot emphasis enough how important it is for progress. I like to think of it as a little game 😈 ⠀ If I know I got 11 reps at x amount of weight last session, I know I need to get 12 reps this session to improve. It’s a clear goal, it challenges me mentally and physically, and it allows me to visualize the lift before it happens. I am able to walk into a workout knowing exactly what needs to be performed! This is also a technique I use with my clients! Walk up to the weight and KNOW that it’s yours. Your mental attitude going into a lift will determine the outcome far more than you think. ⠀ This is also an excellent time to incorporate fun plateau- busting techniques like rest pauses, clusters, partials, forced reps, etc. You just have to out perform by 1 little lb or 1 tiny rep. This is where the compound effect of small, seemingly insignificant changes, compounded over time yield huge results! ⠀ Tracking my workouts are without a doubt a large portion of why I’ve been able to continuously progress for a decade. Always something to work on ;) ⠀ If you swipe right (insert tinder joke ::here::), I’ll show you my app I use with clients and how they track it. And I’ll also show my old school technique with a notebook. I use * to indicate progress from last time and I also count reps added and circle them for positive reinforcement! With words of affirmation, of course 😜❤️ ⠀ Do you journal/track? If so, how!? ⠀ #Metamorphosis #AZtrainer #onlinecoach #progress
@andrescamilo___ photo Arizona is in a drought 🌵
Arizona is in a drought 🌵
@michelle.leigh.lindsay photo I don’t care about your age,
I don’t care about your age, what you look like, or how much money you have... that doesn’t interest me. What I do care about is if you’re a good hearted soul. Move me, tell me something I don’t know, inspire me to be great. Tell me if you can go through a night of hell, and are still able to wake up in the morning and be kind to those around you. Do you defeat fear and take risk for the adventure of truly living? When you’re alone, do you enjoy the company you keep? The walls you have built, will you lower them and let me in? I need to know. I need you to be everything you are, not who this world wants, shapes and molds you to be. Just YOU. I don’t care about your outer core. What does your heart look like? ❤️ . .. #throwback to the last time I was in front of @tonymandarich camera... looking forward to working together again soon!!! . .. #throwbackthursday #tbt #thursday #thoughts #bemore #whatreallymatters #itswhatsinsidethatcounts
@jay_dang_ photo It took 24 years for me to
It took 24 years for me to realize I could create literally whatever I wanted or envisioned. So I'm gonna save you some time and let you know that anything is possible
@haleystrategicofficial photo Knowledge Transfer: The
Knowledge Transfer: The SKIMMER enhanced carry trigger system is a non-adjustable drop in trigger for Glock handguns. Made from 100% Glock Factory parts. Featuring a pre-travel reduction modification to the first stage of the trigger press. After pressing through the predictable wall, the trigger delivers a crisp and consistent break. This will allow a reduction in pre-shot muzzle movement by the shooter and allow for increased accuracy on target. #haleystrategic #glocktriggers #skimmertrigger #instock
@sammjot photo All year long, for every
All year long, for every skincare set sold, FRÉ @freskincare plants an Argan Tree of Life in Morocco to help fight deforestation and empower the women’s communities who harvest the Argan oil. To make an even stronger impact on Earth Day, FRÉ will not only plant a tree in Morocco, but also in America with the @arbordayfoundation. And, if as a community, the #frewomen reach 500 trees, FRÉ will double its commitment to plant 1K trees! To further make it impossible not to join the #plant1Ktrees movement, enjoy 25% OFF discount on the 123FRÉ set in the next 48 hours! So head over to now (link on my bio) and use my code SJT to join the women who act to save our planet and enjoy the BEST skincare for us, strong women who sweat. #frewomen #plant1Ktrees #earthday #reforestation #freskincare #yoga #treepose🌳
@henry_cejudo photo Technique of the week.
Technique of the week. Defending a shoot and scoring with a scissor step. When defending opponent first make sure to brake the lock and secure weight with the near side handing on the upper tricep, become really aggressive with the outside leg to leverage you closer with the scissor step for the takedown. The greatest wrestler of all time @saitiev_74 and his brother Adam are notorious for defending people with this technique. @jakob_camacho #olympuswrestling #fightready @calusawrestling @_shokunin_ @flowrestling @floridawrestling @olympuswrestling @fightready

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