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@leahsessence photo I am thankful to God for all
I am thankful to God for all He is doing in my life. I truly enjoyed speaking to everybody today! If you keep God at the center of your life, He will guide your steps! I appreciate everybody who came and spoke with me afterwards, my heart is SO full!💕#gogetterconference
@micheleseleneang photo Fear has no place in schools.
Fear has no place in schools. Here's to our young. #marchforourlives #guncontrolnow
@tanishapina photo needed a vacation. here &
needed a vacation. here & hydrated 😇
@laurenscafiditv photo First time not unofficially
First time not unofficially celebrating St. Patrick’s Day @illinois1867 🔷🔶((I know I’m a week late))
@ayasellami photo Lunch with friends 😋 This
Lunch with friends 😋 This restaurant serves seafood, one of my favorite types of food 😍 (I am North African after all... we live for seafood 🍤) What’s your favorite kind of restaurant?
@misslailamcqueen photo Cheers, queers!🥂💦 - Hair by
Cheers, queers!🥂💦 - Hair by @wigsandgrace Choker, belt, harness by @vleathergear @sugarpill & @katvondbeauty on the face Everything else by me 🤘🏻
@baybaxendale photo spring break forever
spring break forever

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@thehopleaf photo It’s Orval Day! Today over
It’s Orval Day! Today over 150 taverns across the globe celebrate the wondrous creation of the monks at the Abbaye Notre Dame d'Orval. Orval is completely unique among the Trappist's beers. One beer, one format and never available on draft. Orval is properly served in perhaps the most beautifully simple and elegant drinking vessel, the Orval chalice. We're be offering Orval for $8 (normally $12) and while they last, we'll be giving an Orval Chalice away with every purchase. You can also feel good knowing that besides supporting the monastery, Orval profits support charities that help the needy in the region and beyond. @merchantduvin @mapintl #orval #orvalbeer #trappist #trappistbeer #orvalday #orvalday2018 #andersonville #chicago #hopleaf #hopleafbar
@semi_greenthumb photo Flowers for our Tola family!
Flowers for our Tola family! #bestempanadas #besttacos #cortadito ☕️
@alexiamonclove photo Atardecer en chicago♥️
Atardecer en chicago♥️
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