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@famousriqq photo In this life that I’m living
In this life that I’m living I pray make thru the night 💯
@hollowcoves photo We’ve done so much this past
We’ve done so much this past month. There have been too many photos to keep up with. We’re currently in a small town in Italy called Aosta, about to drive to Milan for the show tonight opening for @iamtomwalker! - Here’s a photo of us from a few weeks ago standing in front of the beautiful Latourell Falls in Portland - 📸@alivialatimer
@domnikacrainic photo Fresh blooms for the
Fresh blooms for the weekend.☁️
@nba photo Western Conference Player of
Western Conference Player of the Month @antdavis23 prepares for today’s #NBAPlayoffs action (10:30pm/et @nbaonespn)
@fastkate photo Training Update! Last week I
Training Update! Last week I made the classic mistake. I hoped for an easy workout. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ I’d been dealing with a sinus infection and woke up feeling weak. I didn’t want to skip the workout, but also didn’t want to make myself sick. If I really was unwell, I shouldn’t have gone to practice. But since I was there, there’s nothing worse than starting a workout wanting it to be easy. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ First off, going in with that mindset might actually make it harder, because you set yourself up for a higher relative perceived exertion (learned more about this from the book Peak Performance. Next on the list is Alex Hutchinson’s Endure). ⠀ ⠀ But also, the whole point is for it to be hard! That’s where the improvement happens. You come to appreciate that feeling. I learned that from Kim Conley. She is the best at leaning in when it’s getting uncomfortable. Finally, beginning with a caveat makes it easier to fall off. You’re not committed, so you have to make the decision to commit over and over again throughout the session. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ End result: I did the workout. Big surprise: it was hard. In a nice case of life imitating art, I thought of my IG post in the final minutes of the tempo to help me stay connected... I will keep the workout streak alive! ⠀ ⠀ I hope it was the right call doing the session. I’m trying to take good care of myself and stay healthy. And moving forward, I will be content with making my cake. I’ll wait to eat it for a while longer. 😋
@mollybehnke photo I’ve been wanting some recent
I’ve been wanting some recent photos of my food for quite some time...I reached out to @nickmani who helped me create/capture this experience. He is so talented! 📸 I moved here to get involved the culinary industry here and feel I achieved that and so much more. From culinary school, my first cooking job, to creating a pop-up. I’ve grown as a being, woman and Chef. Alas, I need a change of environment (constantly.) So...this is good-bye for now, Portland. I am excited to share and hope you enjoy this series over next the few days. Thanks for everything 🌱🌹
@anhthule photo sitting pretty
sitting pretty
@dougiepdx photo My first sip of Bullard Bock.
My first sip of Bullard Bock. This malty light and low ABV style of beer is popular in Texas due to its drinkability and how well it goes with smoked meat. This one is brewed by @whitneyburnside @10barrelbrewing and will be available at @bullardpdx year round. #thenewdowntown #texas #bbq @jenquisty

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@standingonend photo Tracked drums today for my
Tracked drums today for my new album! 8 songs in one day. On to post - production. P
@dinosar.ah photo Playing/feeling something.
Playing/feeling something.
@kikikhaus photo I should be in my bed 🌙🦇
I should be in my bed 🌙🦇
@littlereejewelry photo Playing around with display
Playing around with display ideas. I think I’ll need two tables for earrings alone. Any tips from seasoned craft show folks would be greatly appreciated.
@ewongsie photo HBD to my sweet friend💓🌷💫 I
HBD to my sweet friend💓🌷💫 I hope you had the sweetest day ☺️💕🍭 #April19
@bethanyggg photo Thanks for making our 420
Thanks for making our 420 @nectar.cannabis Lents a little bit sweeter @nothingbundtcakes! We have some awesome deals going on through Sunday, so come say hi! 💚🌲🌳🌬#4202018 #minibundtcakes #sogood #buttercreamfrosting #munchies #budtenderlife
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