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@mazain_k.h.a.n photo Paradise #naltarvalley 😍❤
Paradise #naltarvalley 😍❤
@everydayeverywhere photo Phander valley, Northern
Phander valley, Northern #Pakistan. Throughout summer, three brothers carry fodder for storage to feed their livestock during the harsh winter months. Photo by @navaism. #everydayeveywhere -- Tag your photos with #everydayeverywhere for a chance to be featured by our guest curator every week. -- This week's feed is being curated by New York City based documentary photographer Mark Kauzlarich. He can be found @markkauzlarich.
@aiimennn photo . A N X I E T Y  Heart races.
. A N X I E T Y Heart races. Pulse fastens. Lungs constrict. Why? Even i don't know that. No one really does. This is one frustrating thing about anxiety. You panic but you can't really grasp the reason as to why what's happening is happening. Maybe I have tried to remain strong for too long and maybe now I can't anymore. Maybe I am breaking. Or maybe I'm not. No one will really know. Because I write. And writers have a way with words. Maybe what you just read is just a piece of my mind. Or is it my mind in pieces? No one will really know... So scroll through my pictures and look how happy i am. I'm wearing a smile. I'm only nineteen. And I'm not supposed to be sad or worried or anxious all the time. #anxiety #mentaldisorders #apieceofmymind #anxietydisorder
@0gilgit_baltistan0 photo Pakistan Airforce 💜 Nalter
Pakistan Airforce 💜 Nalter Valley District Gilgit
@fasi74 photo Only in the true darkness can
Only in the true darkness can you see the stars.
@mohsin.alishaukat photo Enjoying Nature and peace at
Enjoying Nature and peace at Rainbow Lake, Naltar valley

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@jafar_iqbal_ photo Tour de-Naltar #snow
Tour de-Naltar #snow
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