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@coach_suse photo I like to hang onto difficult
I like to hang onto difficult things.
@wjhenke photo Who loves double-unders?!
Who loves double-unders?! 🙋🏼‍♂️ Such a great way to train your central nervous system that helps to improve quickness and reaction time. That reaction time transfers in helping improve bounding on box jumps. In order to be efficient, you most have speed, finesse, precision, focus and rhythm. Lacking in any of these will hinder your ability to perform under fatigue, especially in CrossFit’s 17.5 Open workout from last year. Who thinks this could be the repeat this year 🤔 maybe with dumbbells instead?! More importantly, if you want a butt and biceps like @davedriskell, you’ll start learning them correctly yesterday. Don’t follow him if you don’t want greatness. • #wvndrfit #fitness #doubleunders #crossfit #17point5@wvndrfit @crossfitgames @crossfit
@coach_suse photo Sometimes I like to stand up
Sometimes I like to stand up in alternate ways and record myself in voyeuristic ways. . . 22.5kg in the bag oi oi
@patriciaahagstrom photo Tusan vad jobbigt men vad
Tusan vad jobbigt men vad roligt att äntligen få göra det som jag älskar allra mest. Här blir de fler timmar kommande 5 veckorna!! #crossfit #open2018 #crossfitwanderlust
@jaydenibrahim photo Deadlifts are pretty great at
Deadlifts are pretty great at 155kg
@alexchristou11 photo Thank you times a million for
Thank you times a million for having us at your gym, 10/10 coaching... even tho you made me run... two times 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 can’t wait to come back again soon!! #crossfitwanderlust #bali #canggu #wcw😍
@crossfitwanderlust_bali photo Super excited to announce we
Super excited to announce we will be hosting the official @crossfit_weightlifting course here at CF Wanderlust! It’s going to be an amazing 2 days of knowledge and hands on training by some of the best! The good folks at CROSSFIT will be flying out some amazing weightlifting coaches on April 14,15th we will be hosting this event here! For more info and to sign up check out the link in our bio! 🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️ Tag a mate you want to bring to Bali for some weightlifting and let’s face it. A crossfit holiday week! Stay for the week and get in some spicy WODS and amazing food here in Bali! What is it all about??: “Two days are spent detailing each lift (snatch on Day 1, clean and jerk on Day 2). The focus is on participants experiencing the basic positions and learning the foundational teaching points for instructing others to achieve them. The snatch and clean and jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to training and are indispensable to CrossFit programming and developing a well-rounded athlete.” #speedthroughthemiddle #crossfitbali #balicrossfit #weightlifting #bali @mikeburgener @beauburgener @sassysageb @crossfit_weightlifting
@fit_indonesia photo Delivery done with @cspfit39
Delivery done with @cspfit39 of the BOSS strongman bags made by @becomeboss .. Thanks for your purchase @crossfitwanderlust_bali 🙏

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@coach_suse photo Instagram made me do it.
Instagram made me do it.
@thecooeelife photo Loving @matt.naturaledge
Loving @matt.naturaledge programming. It’s making us work on all our weaknesses... like explosive hip opening and leg power rather than using the arms to propel upward motion for box jumps. It may look funny, but we dare you to give these a go. It’s more of a mental hurdle than a physical one! 😉 @naturaledgecrossfit @kirst_murph #crossfit #programming
@jamessmithpt photo When yer mate @direnkartal92
When yer mate @direnkartal92 runs out of petrol and people start getting the wrong idea. 🤣🏋🏼‍♂️
@coach_s_hook photo 4 days of training done with
4 days of training done with the @crossfitsouthwest_6280 crew 😁 now we head out to Nusa Lembongan for a few days then back we come for 3 more days of training @crossfitwanderlust_bali ... gotta find time to get 18.1 done in there somewhere and make sure I don’t get any fatter from the bintangs and nasi goreng 😂😂😂 @cfsouthwest #baliholiday #crossfit #sweaty #reebok #reebokathlete #lesmillsathlete #reebokambassador #fitness #alwaystraininginreebok
@tahneeschroeder photo I’m going to do today what
I’m going to do today what other people aren’t willing to, so I can do tomorrow what other people can’t. 📷 @purefitnessinternational
@explorablefitness photo Final session in Bali and
Final session in Bali and final session at @crossfitwanderlust_bali It went like this: 1️⃣Pendlay row 5x6 2️⃣DB chest press 4x8 3️⃣ EMOM Even 10pull up Odd 20 press ups 4️⃣ EMOM E:15 cals ab O:10 shoulder press Ngl the last emom killed me, i felt so rough after it 🤢 but I feel so good now knowing I got through it. it’s a shame that it’s my last session at @crossfitwanderlust_bali but there are more gyms around the world to explore. However this is definitely a come back to Bali just to train here fantastic facility @davedriskell you’ve done an amazing job with the place 💪🏻!! #crossfit #wod #crossfitter #fitspo #instafitness #fitspiration #fitnesslifestyle #travelling #travel #aroundtheworld #fitness #gym #girlfriend #boyfriend #gymmotivation #gymlife #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #workoutmotivation #workout #squats #backpacker #functionaltraining #gains #bali
@laura_the_explorer11 photo What a place 💙Spot the very
What a place 💙Spot the very sweaty Laura 🧐 #sweaty but #happy 💜🌴☀️
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