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@dinosaurnps photo Why were dinosaurs so big???
Why were dinosaurs so big??? When you see the bones in the Quarry Exhibit Hall, it is hard not to wonder about their massive size! Dinosaurs were some of the largest animals that ever lived, and there are many theories about why they were so large. Here are some ideas: - Available vegetation. Temperatures and atmospheric conditions fueled lush plant growth, and with more to eat, dinos reached giant sizes. - Self defense. It would have been hard for even large predators to attack a dinosaurs like Dipolocus, who may have been up to 89 feet long and between 10-15 tons. - Body temperature. While there is a complex debate over whether dinos were cold or warm-blooded, one theory is that large sized dinosaurs were cold-blooded and used their large sizes to maintain internal temperatures. It's likely a combination of these theories, and maybe others that have not been developed yet! Further research may provide additional answers to this seemingly simple question. Thanks to @josep_pep for the photo and sense of scale! #dinosaurnps #dinosaurnationalmonument #dinosaurs #giants #scale #science #mystery
@dinosaurnps photo Echo Park is beautiful
Echo Park is beautiful year-round, but in January has a particularly magical stillness. The silence is broken only by the occasional rustle of deer, the whisper of wind through the cottonwoods and box elders, or bird call echoing through the canyons. NPS photo taken 1/3/18 Safety note: Due to the unusually warm and dry weather, Harper’s Corner Road is presently open. The road down to Echo Park is subject to rapid deterioration based on changing weather conditions, and should only be attempted by experienced drivers in 4WD vehicles. Winter driving conditions still exist, despite the sunshine!
@dinosaurnps photo The entrance to the Gates of
The entrance to the Gates of Lodore on the Green River is stunningly colorful, even on a chilly December day. #nofilter #worththedrive #wilderness
@dinosaurnps photo "We float around the long
"We float around the long rock and enter another canyon. The walls are high and vertical, the canyon is narrow and the river fills the whole space below... All this volume of water, confined, as it is, in a narrow channel and rushing with great velocity, is set eddying and spinning in whirlpools by projecting rocks and short curves, and the waters waltz their way their way through the canyon, making their own rippling, rushing, roaring music." - Major John Wesley Powell, June 21,1869. The Green River rushing through Whirlpool Canyon from along the Harpers Corner trail just makes you pause and listen to the music. 😍 #dinosaurnps #dinosaurnationalmonument #riverthunder #peaceful #rivers #canyons #findyourpark
@dinosaurnps photo When dinosaurs go
When dinosaurs go caroling...Deck the walls with skulls and femurs! The Quarry Visitor Center and Exhibit Hall will be closed on December 25. The rest of the monument remains open for driving, hiking and serenading.
@dinosaurnps photo “This is the solstice, the
“This is the solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the year’s threshold and unlocking, where the past lets go of and becomes the future; the place of caught breath...” -Margaret Atwood Eating Fire: Selected Poetry 1965-1995
@dinosaurnps photo Harper’s Corner Road is
Harper’s Corner Road is intermittently snow-packed and very slick this morning. High winds and low temperatures are making it feel more like winter!
@dinosaurnps photo In this season of green and
In this season of green and red, orange and blue were feeling a little left out. #findyourpark #nofilter
@dinosaurnps photo If you’re up for the 9.5 mile
If you’re up for the 9.5 mile round-trip hike, the views from Ruple Point Trail are hard to beat! The trail winds through rolling hills and Pinyon-Juniper forest before rewarding hikers with this breathtaking view of the Green River winding its way through Split Mountain. #takeahike #wilderness #worthit
@dinosaurnps photo Early morning view from the
Early morning view from the Quarry Exhibit Hall.
@dinosaurnps photo Hello from Main Street in
Hello from Main Street in Rangely, Colorado! #christmasfest
@dinosaurnps photo "Dwell on the beauty of life.
"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." - Marcus Aurelius It's not hard to imagine running with the stars in this amazing photo by @kevinmcdowell87 . The last several nights have been clear and cold, but make beautiful night skies easier to see! 🌠💫🌟 #dinosaurnps
@dinosaurnps photo The Fossil Discovery Trail
The Fossil Discovery Trail has reopened. There is still a section of the Morrison formation spur trail that is still closed until spring for some more construction.
@dinosaurnps photo Harper’s Corner Road on the
Harper’s Corner Road on the Colorado side of the monument is icy and snow-packed in places, following yesterday’s mild storm. As the day warms up much of the snow will melt off, but visitors should be prepared for winter driving conditions! The road down into Echo Park is impassible at this time.
@dinosaurnps photo We may not have oceans in
We may not have oceans in Colorado, but our rivers have some great beaches! Our rockstar intern Michael Anderson captured this shot of the Green River at the entrance to the Gates of Lodore. This view may be familiar to boaters, because while the sediment deposited by the river creates a large beach, it can make it more challenging for people launching here to get their equipment to the water. For more on rafting in Dinosaur National Monument, visit: https://www.nps.gov/dino/planyourvisit/riverrafting.htm
@dinosaurnps photo “To pay attention, this is
“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” -Mary Oliver /NPS video taken 10/12/17
@dinosaurnps photo The view from the north side
The view from the north side of Split Mountain into Rainbow and Island Parks. Taken on 8/6/2017
@dinosaurnps photo The recent storm that passed
The recent storm that passed through the region brought snow to the higher elevations of Dinosaur. Ranger Lee captured this image from the Iron Springs Overlook along the Harpers Corner Road this afternoon.
@dinosaurnps photo It's the start of National
It's the start of National Park Week and today is a great day to take a hike on the Sound of Silence Trail. #nationalparkweek #findyourpark
@dinosaurnps photo Turtle Rock looks out over a
Turtle Rock looks out over a snowy Cub Creek Valley.
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